What is PSD2? Bitsa adapts to new European Commission directives

Bitsa adapts to the new PSD2 legislation promoted by the European Commission. This will provide a new level of protection for to strengthen the security of all your transactions and prevent fraud, theft or loss of credentials in non-attendance payment transactions.

In the midst of a record boom in trade history due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a regulatory change is approaching that will change the process of non-attendance purchases. Although these directives were adopted by the European Commission in 2015, entered into force in Spain in 2021.

What are the benefits of the PSD2 Directive?

The purpose of this new regulation is to make the process of buying and selling via the Internet much safer, something that will benefit all the actors of the transaction.

The fear of being cheated is one of the main entry barriers that still affects e-commerce and keeps many people away from this type of operations. For this, This enhanced security of transactions is expected not only to help protect buyers, but could also result in increased sales for merchants.

What will be the changes for users?

Perhaps the most important news for users starting this year is the double authentication process. What is it?

Authentication processes are used to verify that a customer is really the person he says he is. Double authentication or enhanced authentication requires the payment service to use at least two separate data, known as authentication factors. These factors can be of 3 types:

  • Knowledge: something the customer knows, such as a password or PIN.
  • Possession: something the customer owns, such as a debit card or a mobile phone.
  • Inherence: something inherent to the customer, such as his fingerprints.

Some of these factors have already started to become recurrent: payment cards and PIN are used to make physical payments, a code received by SMS to make an online purchase, or fingerprints to unlock your phone and access an app.

In 2021 these “second checks”, which will be added to the normal compilation of the card data, will be mandatory.

Bitsa is already prepared

At Bitsa we understand that this new process can be a bit challenging for users, which is why our developers and designers have worked well in advance so that we can adapt to these changes as easily as possible.

Once you have downloaded the App update you will find the following message in which we invite you to set a strengthened authentication PIN.


Below you will have to follow 3 simple steps in our app.

1- Enter the key sent by SMS.
2- Enter your mobile phone number.
3- Generate your own PIN or secret code.


We’re already done! Now all your online purchases are protected by a new level of security that will strengthen all your transactions.

Finally, we advise you to remember the chosen PIN or secret code because from now on you will be asked every time you make an online purchase with our card.