Giving a card for your child? Here are your options


If you use less and less cash and you pay everything with a card or from the mobile phone, why do you think your children are settle for carrying coins and bills? They are 100% digital and, increasingly, claim their autonomy. Therefore, the question is clear: Which type of card should I give my children

There is no need to fear the financial freedom of the youngest members of the family. (Let’s recognize, even if they are between 14 and 17 years old they will continue to be “the little ones of the house”). Sooner or later they will have to face reality, make decisions and be part of the “adult world,” with pros and cons. So, why not start as soon as possible? At least as far as their finances are concerned.

It’s over to ask you for your card to buy online the last expansions of a game. Your child is old enough to have his first card to spend the money freely.

In addition, they may need a card to deal with situations such as a trip with the school, an exchange abroad or simply leisure activities.

Cards for teens

From the moment we receive the first piggy bank, we already learn to manage our money. It is true that each person learns at a different rate, however, do you not think it is better to let them make mistakes under your supervision than when they are alone and independent? Especially if we talk about its economy.

Cards for teens are the ideal solution since it allows children to control their own money and, at the same time, for parents to monitor spending and advise them. Teach your children to control their expenses! Regardless of the card chosen, it is important to teach them the importance of a good financial education.

Currently you can find different types of cards for young people. Know them below.

Types of cards for your children


1. Debit card

This option implies open a bank account, with a debit card, through youth accounts offered by some financial institutions. A boring process due to the administrative procedure that entails with tens pages full of conditions and small prints. Authorization is required from parents or legal guardians, who can always access the account and control expenses. When they will turn 18… bye!

2. Additional card from your bank account

Your bank may allow you to have an additional card for a minor. However, the main problem with these types of products is that your child will have access to all the money deposited in that account. Caution!

3. Credit Card

Currently, no bank allows a minor to have credit. In any case, the young person could have a credit card if parents request an additional card linked to theirs. At no time child can be owners. You know what this type of card entails. Credit capital = debts. Danger!

4. Prepaid Card without bank account

The safest option. Why? Because it is not associated with a bank account (therefore, goodbye to paperwork, maintenance and permanence expenses). Everything under control! Many prepaid cards allow you to control yourself from the App, such as Bitsa Young card. In this way, your children can comfortably manage their money, prior parental authorization. Whether they are traveling and need to buy something, if they want to pay a digital content, or as if they want to buy the snack at the shopping center, youngsters can already enjoy their economic freedom. Even request more money from parents in case of unforeseen events!

So, returning to the main question (which type of card should I give my children?) The answer is clear: a card that gives them more freedom and you more peace of mind, safe and comfortable.