Tips to identify a reliable ecommerce


Ecommerce has experienced a remarkable growth in recent years. The digital economy is booming, motivated by the technological revolution that has led to a 180-degree change in consumer habits. However, everyone is aware of the risks that the Internet entails. So take note of these 5 tips to identify a reliable ecommerce from another that tries to scam you.


Basic tips to identify a reliable ecommerce


1.The URL

The web address is one of the first elements to focus on when accessing a website. Many of the browsers already send a notification to the user making him aware that the site they are visiting may not be safe.


Taking a look at the URL, an https should appear at the beginning. In this way, the exchange of data on the website will be safely.

In addition, if the web has a security certificate, the browser will display a little lock icon.


2. Trust Seals:

The Trust Seals are emblems that are awarded to ecommerce to demonstrate their quality and safety in online purchases. To achieve them, the companies are audited by independent companies verifying their purchase security and legal compliance regarding privacy and consumer protection.

If an ecommerce has a stamp, most likely is to show it on its principal homepage (usually located at the top or bottom of the page) and it links to the website of the organization which grants them.


3. Terms and Conditions of Sales (returns, damages and claims):

Although it seems obvious, it isn’t recommended to buy if information on the conditions of sale, returns or claims doesn’t appear on the site. This information must be visible and it is recommended to consult it before making the purchase. Knowing the deadlines, the consumer guarantees and conditions is always an important issue.

Normally, ecommerce with trust seal are adhered to a specific code of conduct and often offer users many facilities for resolving eventualities or problems (returns or claims) quickly and conveniently.


4. Contact information:

Another sample for trusting in the ecommerce will be if offers real and physical data of the company. In fact, it is mandatory for ecommerce to provide, among others, this data:

  • Full name of the company (natural person, company, foundation, etc.).
  • Tax identification number.
  • Data of its registration in the trade register.
  • Postal Address
  • Email address.


5. Prices

One of the decisive factors when attracting and retaining consumers.

Many scams come from websites with excessively cheap prices far below the market price. Crazy consumers for the bargains are thrown on top of any offer for fear that it will take it from their hands, ignoring the threats that the website may entail. Another characteristic that should be suspected is if all products are sold at the same price, regardless of the model.


These five basic tips for buying online safely allow you to identify a reliable ecommerce.

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