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Improvement of the security system (2FA)

Improvement of the security system – (2FA)

June 14th 2019


Hello Bitzer,

Throughout June 14 we detected suspicious activity in the login of some accounts from IP addresses different from the usual ones and that is why we have decided to temporarily suspend the service.

In order to maintain the security of all user accounts and funds, we have improved the security system, including verification by the second factor by text message, when you login to the app. This way your account will be more secure.

Remember that all our cards include Verified by Visa security, which protects your funds from unacknowledged purchases. If you do not recognize a purchase, remember that you can freeze the card instantly and you must contact us immediately, so that our team can help you through:

Not being able to verify if the login made yesterday of some accounts is authentic or fraudulent, we have decided to change all the numbering of the virtual cards.

We have been able to verify that the emails that have been logged from a different IP were in public lists of security breaches of applications and third-party websites. You can check if your email has been violated in the past on the web Remember that it is very important to use a different password for each service or application that you use.

Finally, we need you to update the app to the latest version available onGoogle Play and App Store in order to use your Bitsa account. It is likely that the iOS version will be available during the next few hours.

We apologize for the inconveniences that we may have caused during the update today, but the safety of our users is the most important for Bitsa.


The Bitsa team