Generación Bitzer

With Z from Bitzer

Youngsters, digital and empowered.

We may don’t know where we want to go yet, but we know what we DON’T want.

We pass from bonds, we pass from prejudices and from being treated like childs.

We don’t know how to make a tax return yet, but when we have to do it, we’ll have hundreds of tutorials on YouTube.

Nor do we know how much rents are paid today but we can have all that information just by extending our arm and opening Internet.

And we won’t know many other things about the “adult world”, but we have our whole lives ahead of us to learn.

Instead, do you remember how you were with our age?

Had you heard of climate change, social inequalities or economic crisis? Were you aware of the world in which you lived? Did you want to be treated as responsible and mature young people?

This world also belong us and it seems that we have to take the reins of our own future.

Where to start? By claiming our place, as free, responsible and empowered youth.

Yes, we’re #living when the teacher misses class or when we go to the cinema with friends and a huge bag of sweets. Maybe when our crushes approach us we look stupid and then we spend 5 hours stalking his/her instagram. And we may also be a little haters when we have to pause the game and leave the room to greet the second uncles  who come to visit.

All this will surely change in a while.

What won’t change will be our independence, which will sooner or later reach all of us. So, why not start now? Slowly. Starting to show that we know how to control our money.

Cash is a bluff! Cash is old-fashioned.

Now, with the € 50 my grandma gave me for Christmas or the 20 euros of my pocket money, I top-up in my card and buy a mobile phone case from Amazon, the latest video game and all its extensions or pay a snack. Yes, all with a card that I control from an app, without compromise.

I belong to the so-called “Z generation” and I have the freedom to be Bitzer. Young, digital and empowered. #Blessed

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