What is decentralized content?


Platforms such as YouTube or Spotify have allowed us to access unexpected resources, but when you understand what decentralized content is, you will understand why we are turning to another way of consuming content.

Although the aforementioned platforms are highly successful and have millions of users, it is true that they have some disadvantages, and the main one lies in centralization.

When you decide to upload content to these platforms, you deliver almost all of the benefits on it to companies and you, as a content creator, will simply receive crumbs depending on how many likes or views you get.

But not everything works the same, since as I have told you, little by little we begin to find more platforms that propose another much more fair model for everyone.


Decentralized content


Decentralized content is a form of content distribution that seeks to eliminate intermediaries, allowing each user to directly receive the real benefits that their content has generated.

This is possible thanks to blockchain technology that allows the creation of a peer to peer (p2p) network through which authors can distribute and monetize their own content, obtaining sustenance in the community of users that make it up.


Decentralized content example: LBRY Credits


If you enter LBRY.lat you will find a clear example of content decentralization since here a global decentralized library is offered and at the same time, a market for the works of that library (be they books, videos, games or any other file that is can digitize).

LBRY’s goal is to cut out the middlemen and make it easy for creators to get 100% of the benefits on that content. They do this through the platform’s native cryptocurrencies called LBRY Credits.

Thus, users receive LBRY Credits in exchange for views of their content and can later exchange those credits for other cryptocurrencies.

LBRY offers $ 1000 in LBRY Credits to all those who post at least 5 pieces as a way to incentivize the creation of new profiles on the platform.