Virtual cards: The best cards for online shopping

Internet and new technologies provide us with great comforts and have change the way we relate and even our consumption habits. In the sector of payments, a clear example of these changes is the one experienced by the card. Today, virtual cards are the best cards for online shopping. If you still don’t have yours, at the end of the post we will tell you how to get a virtual Bitsa card for free.

The card quickly positioned itself as one of the preferred payment methods for users. Its comfort and usability were important strengths. Banking institutions began offering cards to their users for managing the money they had in their accounts.

However, in an increasingly digitized world, many users are wary of sharing the data of their main card when doing any type of purchase on the Internet. And it is not wonder. 

Nowadays, there are many threats online, even when we follow all the tips to identify a reliable ecommerce. Therefore, it is important to find solutions that protect our money, especially when we use it on Internet.

In that sense, the advantages of having a prepaid card without a bank account have led to the rise of payment methods that escape old financial institutions, and with this users have now greater control over their own funds.

And taking a further step in the trajectory of changes that cards have undergone in recent years, it is important to mention the rise of virtual cards.


Interest grows in virtual card for online shopping

Regarding these cards, It is a payment method that provides extra peace of mind when making all kinds of online purchases. Among the several benefits of the virtual card, it stands out – first of all, the security it offers.

Little by little the world is discovering the potential of these cards and the interest in this payment method is growing.

According to Google, the search term “Virtual Card” is increasing over time. Specifically, it can be seen how, in the last five years, worldwide interest in virtual cards has grown in a consolidated manner.

Source: Google Trends

Special mention to the notable growth seen in the graph (red line), which corresponds to March 2020.

The world health crisis of COVID19 has been a favorable context for this sector; the popularity of virtual cards for online shopping has skyrocketed.

In the confinement phase, Internet consumption reached historical levels, online sales grew, and consequently the number of cyber attacks and scams also increased. In this way, many users took advantage of this moment to see by first-hand the benefits of prepaid virtual cards. [divider] Today, virtual cards have already become in a method of payment over the Internet widely accepted and recommended by users.


How to get a virtual card for shopping online

Recharging only the amount of money you want to spend to make sure you do not buy compulsively, avoiding fraud and make difficult for cyber hackers to access to all your savings, carrying out all kinds of purchases comfortably from your phone … Why you still don’t have a virtual card?

If you really want to have these benefits that we just mentioned, it is important that you look for those virtual cards not linked to banks / without bank accounts. This way you make sure not to sign restrictive clauses or eternal permanence contracts and to avoid all kinds of links with your funds. [divider] In the case of Bitsa Card, getting a virtual card is as simple as:

1º Download the Bitsa app:

2º Register your user and verify your identity. 3º Enjoy the free Bitsa virtual card that you will automatically have for being part of the Bitsa community. Easy, right? If you wish, you can also request your physical Bitsa prepaid card for your purchases in the “offline world”.

To access the data, control your movements, recharge and other procedures, simply open the Bitsa app or from your own computer thanks to the Bitsa Card dashboard.

As you have seen, the popularity of these payment methods is increasing. The ease and comfort of virtual cards for online purchases make evident the growing interest  in virtual cards in recent times. Now that you know how to get one, we are waiting for you in the Bitsa family with open arms and with very interesting news just around the corner.