4 practical tips for freelancers


You have decided to become self-employed, work on what you like, how, when and where you want. However, there is something going wrong. Do you want your business to thrive? Then don’t neglect these 4 practical tips for freelancers.

If you work as a freelance and you are reading this, we won’t steal you barely time. We know your time = money, so we quickly present these tips for freelancers.

How to be a freelance and not die in the attempt

The secret is in these four points:


Specialize: What is your competitive advantage?

True experts don´t do 1,000 things, but a few things but 1,000 times. They offer less services, specializing, adding more value to their services and ending up earning more money.

If you have detected your strong point of difference, specialize and start getting higher returns to your work … What are you good at?


2. Value your work and learn to put a price on your work… and on your time!

Professionals must have a defined hourly rate from which to base their prices, regardless if they decide later to charge per project.

In this sense, one of the first tips for beginner freelancers is to know how to put a price on the work they do. An exercise in which different elements come into play: knowledge, time and self-esteem. You should never underestimate your work and effort, nor set exorbitant prices that do not fit with what you offer.

The formula for calculating the basic time of a freelance worker would be = (monthly salary + fixed expenses) / hours of work

And don’t forget to calculate holidays and unproductive hours!

If you want to save your calculations, you can always use the different tools you will find online to find out how much you should charge for your work. Do not be afraid when communicating your prices, the customer always has the option to accept them or not. Of course, it is always useful to investigate the prices that move in the market, “what is the price of my competition?”


3. Reduce your expenses

It’s a reality, as a freelance you have a lot of expenses. So start reducing them from the beginning, starting with the expenses that go unnoticed. Have you heard of hidden bank fees?

Many freelance workers decide to open a bank account to operate and end up getting more disadvantages than benefits. Commission for account maintenance, commission for insufficient balance, etc.

There are alternatives to skip these unnecessary commissions. For example, prepaid cards without a bank account. Your money safely and without paying extra charges.


4. Make it easy

Simplify to the maximum the time you dedicate to your administrative procedures. Don’t complicate yourself.

Start by separating personal expenses from business expenses. In this way, it will be easier for you to monitor all expenses and income, without wasting time.

Another option to make your job easier is not to mediate with banks. Get simple, intuitive and useful services for your work, such as a Bitsa Card prepaid card. Fast, convenient and simple: Download the App on your mobile and control all your money without the need for bank accounts, contracts with hundreds of clauses and no snoopers that look at what you do with your money. A free virtual card with which you can work comfortably.

You can also change your business model and offer prepaid services. Do you know any ecommerce that delivers its products before paying?

As you can red, these 4 practical tips for freelancers like you can help your business or at least help you to live and work with less worries.