Remarkable 2: the paper tablet

The Remarkable 2 “paper” tablet is the latest advancement in electronic ink technology and aims to position itself to revolutionize a competitive tablet market.
It is clear that developments in screen quality are reaching unimaginable points and a good example is the 8k televisions, which we talked about a few weeks ago. However, this technology is no match for tablets like Remarkable 2, which needs to bring other features to its users.
The need for low energy consumption and reading comfort make Remarkable 2 the ideal tablet for readers, as it relies on a better foldable electronic ink screen from E Ink.
The company has made some admirable progress in perfecting the design of the second-generation model and almost every facet of the device has been improved.
Let’s go over some of the features of the tablet: 


The hardware of the new Remarkable 2

The reMarkable 2 is 30 percent thinner than the original, with thinner bezels (exactly 0.19 inches thick). This makes it the thinnest tablet on the market.
It has faster charging and files transfers via a USB-C port. It also has twice the RAM, a faster processor and a battery that lasts almost three times longer. And the design itself is simply nicer, with the plastic frame replaced by aluminum and frosted glass.
The new model is a bit heavier, at 0.89 pounds, but not bad at all as it makes the Remarkable feel sturdier in your hand and on your lap when you use it.
The reMarkable 2 also offers great improvements to the actual writing experience with Electronic Ink. While the second-generation 10.3-inch canvas display is the same size and 226 DPI resolution as the original model, the panel itself is now covered in real glass (rather than Plexiglass), making it on a stiffer writing surface that doesn’t flex as much when hit by the pen.
Latency has also been cut by almost half: the reMarkable 2 offers a 21ms latency to write, solving the biggest problem in the original model. It’s a huge improvement, making writing on the reMarkable feel almost as fast as using a pen and plain paper.
While it is not as low as what Apple or Samsung achieve with their pens and tablets, you will not have problems with the latency of the reMarkable.
The second generation of tablets also reduces the gap between the screen and the E ink layer underneath, helping to maintain the illusion that you are writing with real ink.
Remarkable 2 still maintains the best trick of its predecessor: a textured writing surface that works in combination with custom-designed pens to reproduce the tactile sensation of writing with a real pen and paper.
In fact, you can hear the scratch of the pen while writing – a kind of dry, scraping sound that mimics the use of a Sharpie or fountain pen. The new pens are also twice as pressure sensitive as the original model, with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity.


Remarkable 2 Software

The software on the reMarkable 2 is almost the same as the 2.0 software the company released for the original tablet last year, although it has some improvements with uploading ePubs and documents and sharing much faster than on the original model.
Drawings can then be shared from the tablet as a PDF, PNG or SVG file via email. There is also a pocket-sized Google Chrome extension that can send articles (purely text documents or “printed” PDFs) directly to the reMarkable for reading.


Lastly, there is a handwriting recognition service that can analyze your written notes and convert them into editable text.
This list of features covers everything the reMarkable can do: draw, write, read, and share.


Remarkable 2 tablet price

The reMarkable 2 is priced at $ 399. In my opinion, it is a very good investment when you consider that it is a hyper modern tablet, with an updated design, improved specifications and a better pen to try to give the century-old technology of paper, a new digital touch.
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