Highest quality: 8k TVs

Full HD technology seemed to have come to stay, but it was improved by 4K and now the same thing is happening but moving towards 8K. At this rate, we will soon be able to see the front leg of a fly with the precision seen from a microscope.
But what is the difference between 4K and 8K? Is it really significant for you to buy a new TV? In this article we will solve this and other doubts about this new technology that will undoubtedly reach many homes on the planet in the near future.


What is 8K?


8K is a new standard for image resolution and its name refers to the almost 8,000 horizontal pixels that comprise it. Specifically, it is composed of 7,680 horizontal pixels by 4,320 vertical pixels, something like 33.2 million pixels in total.
Approximately 1 pixel for each inhabitant of Peru for example, all within a television in your living room. Is it really possible for the human eye to appreciate this? The manufacturers of these televisions say that while not all can be appreciated, the technology in 8K televisions allows for more detailed textures and eliminates a lot of noise.


Differences between 4K and 8K


On a technical level, 8K multiplies four times the resolution of 4K (also known as UHD). Remember that 4K multiplies by 16 its previous standard, Full HD. To make it clearer:
Full HD (1920 x 1080)
4K (3,840 x 2,160)
8K (7,680 x 4,320)
What on a 4K TV could look a bit blurred (yes, believe it or not happens) on an 8K TV is displayed with much higher clarity. Manufacturers compare watching an 8K TV to watching a 33-megapixel moving photograph.
Also, although 8K TVs use different panel technologies such as LCD, QLED LCD or OLED, they all have in common the use of the new HDMI 2.1.
This new HDMI is the only one that allows data to be transmitted at 60 frames per second and at 8K resolution, including support for some effects such as dynamic HDR.


Contents in 8K


Whenever a new standard emerges, the recurring question is: What about the old content? Can I see everything in 8K or do I have to wait for content to be generated in that new quality?
The reality is that even if you buy a new 8K TV, not all the content can be seen at that level of quality. The good news is that many of the 4K movies have original 8K masters, so all that content will now be available to enjoy.


Best 8K TVs


These are some of the most recommended televisions that play content in 8K quality:
LG’s ZX series boasts unmatched image quality. For many this is the best (and most expensive) 8K television that can be accessed.
– Samsung Q800T
This television has 65 inches and a relatively affordable price for the quality of television we are talking about.
-Samsung Q950TS
Larger than the Q800T (85 inches) and a design unmatched for this category. A TV that looks like it was created in another galaxy.


So far we have come for today, I hope this article serves as a starting point for you to be inclined to enjoy an 8K (if you have the money of course, they are not cheap at all). Until next time!.