The Instagrandstanding technique

tbh, all of us are probably guilty of Instagrandstanding. Yes, you too! Your IG thirst traps rat you out. Instagrandsanding isn’t a new trend, simply it has adapted to the trendy social network.

What Instagrandstanding is?

Instagrandstanding is a term used to refer to hints, although not all. These are indirect messages (sometimes very direct) that we launch on social networks with the intention of catching the attention of our crush.

The hints have always existed, but just now are launched by Instagram. Why? Because we flirt here!


You want your crush notice you, grab yout crush attention. Of course, without being a desesper. What do you do to get it? The Instagrandstanding technique. And if you know the tastes of your crush, you’ve everything in your favor!

 “Bad Gyal is my favourite singer” BOOMB! IG Stories of a selfie with Bad Gyal music.

“I love football”… BOOMB! Photo with a shirt of his/her favorite football team.

Intense quotes, a selfie bored of studying or directly your most sexy thirst trap. Any option is valid. Mind you: as long as you don’t mention your @crush directly.

Try to prevent your friends catching you (and especially crush) if you don’t want to be seen as an obsessive person. A little intrigue and mystery, from time to time, is fine.

Nontheless, the Instagrandstanding technique requires a lot of patience. Not only do you have to think about how to grip the attention, you’ll also have to wait your crush reacts. A quick reaction via emoji, one simple “hahaha”, a comment or a DM. Any of these reactions will indicate that your strategy has been successful #living. What will happen next?

A small dose of reality…

Instagrandstanding technique is fun and we have all practiced it, at least once. But when you are a repeat offender, you realize a number of things … am I showing someone that I really am not? Is it worth attracting the attention of someone who hasn’t noticed me?
So there’s that…