How to make money with Brave Browser

Do you really think it is possible for someone to pay you to surf the internet? Let me answer for you: Yes, it is possible and that is what this article on how to make money with the Brave browser is about.

If you are like me and you spend a lot of time each day in the largest school in the world (that is, the internet) you will be happy to know that the Brave browser has developed a system that allows you to receive payments every time you use its browser.


What is Brave?

Brave is an alternative to the well-known Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox in terms of browsers. This browser is built on the Chromium platform, the same one that gave rise to what is today the most used browser in the world, Google Chrome. This allows most of the valid Chrome extensions to be supported by Brave.

In addition to certain very important features such as improvements in security or speed, Brave has a new reward system that grants tips to those who use the browser through Token BAT (Basic Attention Token). This allows its users to acquire cryptocurrencies without the slightest effort and doing something they always do: surf the internet.

It is worth clarifying that users are not the only beneficiaries, since content generators can also receive rewards in BAT and thanks to this mechanism advertisers obtain better data and profits.


How to make money with the Brave Browser?

There are 4 basic ways to do it:
1- Disabling the Brave ad blocker and agreeing to observe the browser’s own advertising.
2- Receiving payments for using Brave for more than 30 consecutive days.
3- Using a referral link to motivate family or friends to download the browser and in this way receive more pay for each user.
4- Register our website, YouTube channel, twitter account, etc. on the Brave platform in order to receive tips from other browser users.


What to do with the BAT earned?


As you know, our Bitsa card can be recharged with BAT. This will allow you to transfer the BAT you get from Brave to your card and make purchases in thousands of stores. So simply by browsing the internet, you will have a card available to buy whatever you want. Not bad, right?