How to find cheap flights?

Today we will talk about how to find cheap flights and for that I recommend you start with this beautiful song playing in the background. Now if we can talk about flights in the same line. I’ll fly!


To travel frequently we need to find a way to save while we travel, so today we are going to add more resources to the 5 keys to saving traveling that we talked about last week.


As you know, a large part of the expenses of a trip are increased when it is time to buy the plane ticket, which often represents more than 30% of the total trip. Sound like a lot? Don’t worry, luckily you’ve reached an article on how to find cheap flights.




1- Reserve by parts
If you want to start saving a little money on your flights, book your roundtrip tickets separately. Although logic indicates otherwise, here we will not speak of logic but of reality. Just try to research and compare a little more and I assure you that in 95% of the cases, if you fly them separately, you can save a good few dollars.


2- Choose the best day
I’m not talking about worrying about choosing a sunny day with 25 degrees, but taking into account which day of the week you travel. According to the various sources consulted, the cheapest day to fly through the skies is Tuesday and the most expensive day to do so is Saturday. So the key is to match the two flights on Tuesday, to save an average of 12% on your tickets.
Yes, I understand that it is difficult when you have to work and it is not you who decides the days, but taking this into account can help you when you take your vacation.
It is precisely this flexibility to choose that I want to talk about in the 3rd point.



3- Be as flexible as you can
You don’t have to be Nadia Comaneci, but be as flexible as you can (if you’ve understood the Nobody joke, you have my respect). Actually, what I’m talking about is that you make a little effort to choose a flight at dawn, out of season or with a somewhat uncomfortable stopover.
Of course, this is further enhanced if the destination you are traveling to is not a “popular” destination or if you have the flexibility to travel without a specific destination. This will allow you to get extremely more affordable prices and save money to spend on excursions or gifts.



4- Price alerts
This may seem like a no-brainer, but there are a lot of people who don’t know what I’m talking about. Price alerts from airlines or flight search engines are the best ally if you want to find cheap flights.
Generally the process is as follows:
– You enter the website of a company or flight search engine.
– You do a search (eg Tenerife to Madrid).
– Click on the link “create price alert”.
– You leave your email so you can send yourself the alerts.
– You receive the emails when the price of your ticket goes up or down.
In this way, you will not have to worry about entering the platform every day, completing the departure and destination data, and comparing prices trying to remember the previous prices.


5- Nearby airports
Once you have defined your destination and the dates on which you are going to travel, it is recommended that you review the best way to do it. Many times you can find much cheaper arriving at airports close to your destination. For example, if you travel from Madrid to Brussels, you may want to first travel to Charleroi airport and get to Brussels by bus or train.
It may force you to plan a little more, but we assure you that your pocket will appreciate it.


6- Change the IP address
This qualifies as “advanced level of how to find cheap flights” but if you dare to do it you can really save a lot of money. The key is to change the IP address (that is, your address when browsing the Internet) and move it to another country. Many times the same flight has a different price depending on the country you are in and by changing the IP you can make the most of this difference.
To carry out this “trick” you just have to download a VPN or search Google extensions for one that has good ratings.



7- Take your chance
If you have found your ideal ticket at a reasonable price, do not hesitate. Many times, wanting to get an even cheaper flight, we can miss an excellent opportunity.
Yes, it has also happened to me that when I returned to the page to buy that “cheap ticket” that I had struggled to find, I can no longer find it or, worse still, it has increased more than the price of gold in the midst of a pandemic.
So take advantage of your opportunity, because one of the keys to how to find cheap flights is that once you find it, you buy it!


Extra tip
In addition to these tips to save on flights, there is something that every wise traveler knows: the Bitsa prepaid card without bank accounts. This card will allow you to save on hidden bank fees since it is not associated with any bank and also offers many more advantages that you can find in this short article on our blog.
We have reached the end of the article, my good student. Now I hope you become a black belt for airline tickets and get a flight to Japan for less than 200 euros with a night in a 5-star hotel included.