Ethereum, Dai & Tron arrive to Bitsa


Bitsa Card adds three cryptocurrencies to its list as a top-up method. And there are already 10!

Users who have Ethereum (ETH), Dai (DAI) and Tron (TRX) can now use them to recharge the Bitsa Card and have fiat money to make any type of payment.

The Bitsa Card prepaid card is characterized by not being linked to bank accounts and by admitting blockchain tokens. Two characteristic features that make this FinTech, based in Monaco, an indisputable alternative to traditional banking entities.

Bitsa allows its users to change their own cryptocurrencies for fiat money, thus being able to pay with legal tender money in any type of stores that accepts Visa, transfer money to other accounts and even to send money to other Bitsa users instantly.


Bitsa Card: Rechargeable prepaid card with blockchain tokens

✅ Bitcoin Cash (#BCH)

✅ Bitcoin (#BTC)

✅ Dash (#DASH)

✅ Litecoin (#LTC)

✅ Stellar Lumens (#XLM)

✅ Ripple (#XRP)

✅ ZCash (#ZEC)

To date, these were 7 cryptocurrencies with which the Bitsa card could be recharged and converted to euros. From now on, to this list of cryptocurrencies supported by Bitsa Card is added Tronix (TRX), Ethereum (ETH) and Dai (DAI).

✅ Ethereum (#ETH)

✅ Dai (#DAI)

✅ Tron (#TRX)

Bitsa users can top-up their card directly with the funds stored in the wallet installed on their device, or manually with the QR code and / or wallet address. This directly converts cryptocurrency funds automatically into euros.

These supported cryptocurrencies can be used to make purchases, instant transfers from Bitsa to Bitsa, transfers to other accounts and can even be used by users under 18. Young people between 14 and 17 have Bitsa Young, a card to control their money and convert their blockchain tokens.


How to reload Bitsa Card with cryptocurrencies


Top-up your Bitsa card instantly with TRX, DAI, ETH… it’s very simple!




Within your Bitsa account you select the top-up option, then select the “cryptocurrency” top-up method and choose from the list of cryptos available in Bitsa 




Finally, you enter the desired amount and, once the recharge is confirmed, you have your money in your Bitsa account.


Say goodbye to the inconvenience of usability of your crypts with Bitsa Card. A convenient, fast and secure solution that does not require bank accounts: the financial alternative.