Bitsa Young: The prepaid card for Teens


» Because cash is a bluff! Bitsa Young: The prepaid card for teens aged 14 to 17

8 November 2019


The Bitzer community welcomes young centennials since, as of today, the Z generation can now enjoy Bitsa, the reloadable VISA prepaid card.

Perhaps teens between 14 and 17 are still not clear about where they want to go, but they do know what they do not want. They ignore bonds, prejudices and being treated like children. It is a 100% technological generation that lives in a world that is moving towards digitalization in all aspects, starting with money. 

It is a generation that embraces the future and still has many needs to cover.

So, Young people also have an interest in blockchain tokens. From those who are curious to know the exciting universe of cryptography, to the more gamers who acquire tokens for their favourite video games. So, why not offer them a crypto-friendly account?


Bitsa Young: Free, Digital and Crypto-lovers

In order to help them claim their place as digital, free, responsible and crypto-lovers, Bitsa opens the doors with this new product: Bitsa Young.

From today, young people aged 14 to 17 are much freer when managing their money.

With Bitsa Young, they will learn to manage their money through a reloadable prepaid card, not associated with any bank account, without paperwork, or maintenance costs.

They can even top it up by converting blockchain tokens into euros: BTC, BCH, DASH, LTC, XLM, XRP or ZEC.

> They will only have to: download the App (for iOS or Android), invite parents for authorization, request the virtual and/or physical card and top it up instantly.

What to do with the allowance or Christmas bonus? Redeem them for Bitsa top-up vouchers, available in hundreds of physical and online stores, associated with the Bitsa network – such as Carrefour, Fnac, tobacconists – and manage all movements comfortably from the App. Very useful and secure for digital content! Cash is not even cool!

When travelling or having a snack with friends, when buying video games or other digital content, or for possible unexpected events, a rechargeable card is the best solution.

Why Bitsa? Because the Z generation already has the freedom to be Bitzer

Young, digital and crypto lovers.