Bitsa adds BAT and USDT for reloads

Bitsa expands its offer, Bitsa adds BAT and USDT for reloads!! If at the beginning of 2020 we announced that Ethereum, Dai and Tron have arrived to Bitsa, a month later we come back with more news. As of today, there are 12 cryptocurrencies accepted to top-up the Bitsa prepaid card. BTC, BCH, DASH, ETH, LTC, DAI, TRX, XLM, XRP, ZEC … USDT and BAT! Reloadable Bitsa card allows crypto-lovers to use blockchain tokens to make purchases, transfers and all kinds of transactions both in online stores and in physical stores. Tether tokens, based on the Ethereum network (USDT ERC-20), and BAT tokens are already accepted to top up the Bitsa card and convert them to euros instantly. Bitsa Card works every day to contribute to give more usability to cryptocurrencies

All in B! Blockchain, Brave, BAT and now … Bitsa!

The Basic Attention Token is a revolution ​in the advertising and digital marketing  sector. From the users side, one of the three fundamental pieces in this network based in the Ethereum blockchain, they can monetize the use they make of the Internet thanks to the Brave browser. It is a browser that operates with BAT and offers more speed and privacy to the user, since it blocks both trackers, malwares and the default advertising. Thus, the user wins BAT as browses the Internet. But that’s not all, the other actors in the network (Content Creators/Publishers and advertisers) are also rewarded in BAT.

USDT: A stablecoin that you can convert to euros

Launched in 2014, Tether offers a more modern approach to money​. Tether is positioned as the first blockchain-enabled platform to facilitate the digital use of traditional currencies. That is, it offers the ability to perform transactions with traditional currencies in the blockchain, without the volatility and complexity of cryptocurrencies.   That is why many users have already trust on this platform that offers stability within the crypto world. ​Tether tokens hold their value at 1:1 link ​with the US dollar, escaping the volatility that most cryptocurrencies suffer.  Tether, as an ERC20 token, will be supported in Bitsa in order to offer its users more advantages when making economic transactions.

How to reload Bitsa Card with cryptocurrencies

Reloading your Bitsa prepaid card with BAT or USDT is quick and easy. Within your Bitsa account, select the “Top-up” option. Select the top-up method: “cryptocurrencies” and choose between the list of cryptos available in Bitsa. Enter the desired amount and, once the reload is confirmed, you will have your money in your Bitsa account. All without the need of bank accounts, protecting your privacy and 100% securely. Do you have BAT or USDT and want to convert them to euros to make your purchases? From now on this is as simple as downloading the Bitsa App, requesting the prepaid card and directly reloading your Bitsa cards. Bitsa’s free virtual card and / or physical card end up being a bridge between the digital and the tangible world, allowing payments, purchases and transfers to be made with funds from cryptocurrencies. And there are already 12 cryptocurrencies accepted in Bitsa!