Advantages of having a prepaid card without a bank account

Today we want to talk about a topic that is increasingly attracting the attention of internauts and and of which, however, many people are still not perfectly informed. These are the advantages of requesting and using a prepaid card without a bank account.

Yes, you heard right! Today there are prepaid cards that allow us to deposit our money and our saving, without necessarily having to open a bank account. In other words, today (and in the future) it will no longer be necessary to deposit our savings in an account created and managed by a bank.

It is easy to see how, in the present day, with the advent of digital communication, online payments and purchases have also become a trend, shared and accepted by the entire global community.

Just look at the number of people who, at least once a day, make an online or digital transaction to buy and pay for some product or service.

Obviously, the greater the number of transactions and payments made with bank cards, the greater the risk of fraud and loss of value of money deposited/invested in a bank.

This is why, little by little, the tendency to use virtual or prepaid cards that are not associated with a bank account is becoming increasingly clear.



Why make your purchases with a prepaid card without a bank account


They always said that the best way to store our savings is to keep them at home under the mattress. This is because many people is not able to open a bank account for a variety of reasons.

An example of this are the non-EU citizens who, in many cases, for ‘technical’ reasons, are unable to open a bank account.

But there are also many people who simply prefer to take care of their savings independently, without having to indirectly accept the risk that economic agents such as banks take on a daily basis.

Others, finally, simply have little faith in the the banking system, especially after having witnessed the bankruptcy cases of various financial institutions that have jeopardized the savings of many users, or for the high costs that may result in the opening and maintenance of a bank account and, last but not least, for the danger of inflation which, from here to a few decades, risks losing the purchasing power and the value of our savings.

To sum up, millions of people, for various reasons, do not have a bank account and are forced to resort to alternatives that allow them to make a purchase at a supermarket, in an online store, withdraw money from anywhere in the world or send their own savings to loved ones.

Well, for these people there seems to be an alternative to the idea of having to save their own money under their bed.

Nowadays, prepaid cards, not associated with banking entities, seem to be the simplest solution used by the world community to manage their liquidity, without having to worry about being denied the possibility of obtaining a bank account, for example because of their own credit records.



The main advantages of owning a prepaid card without a bank account


As you can see, there are many advantages of using a prepaid card not associated with a bank account and for this reason we invite you to try one that allows you:

  • Wide freedom of movements
  • Very low commissions
  • Effective online management
  • Possibility to pay and withdraw wherever you are, with the highest security system (Secured by Visa)
  • Perform SEPA Credit Transfer and transfers between cards
  • Reload instantly online, with voucher or with cryptocurrencies

Prepaid cards offer many advantages and are especially useful for traveling abroad. A travel card without extra fees is synonymous with zero concerns.



So what are you waiting for?

If you have not already done so, try the best prepaid card to travel. Request your Bitsa and start your journey now!