5 beginner travel mistakes


These are 5 beginner mistakes, but they are still committed by even the most experienced travelers. Come on, nobody is perfect and less when it comes to traveling and encouraging yourself to live to improvise a little.

So if you did 4 or more of these mistakes, it’s not because you’re stupid, but because you’ve really traveled enough!


1- Forget your phone charger
We have loaded up to two spare toothbrushes but we have forgotten the essential, the phone charger. The one that allows us to continue on Instagram even if we are snorkeling underwater or simply send a WhatsApp message to our mom. Surely, we end up paying 50 euros for a new one at an airport.

Solution: stick the mobile charger on your forehead. If it bothers you, we recommend buying a portable battery, it is really unlikely that you will forget both things.

2- Do not recognize your suitcase
We are on the luggage belt waiting for ours to pass, we have already seen it 15 times but it was always someone else’s. Typical traveler error that can cost you hours of waiting at any airport.

Solution: in principle do not buy a black suitcase, we recommend colored suitcases and if possible add an identifier (fluorine tape, handkerchief or striking pin).

3- Do not activate the credit card
We do stopover, we go to the nearest store to buy a bottle of mineral water with our card, we try to pay and we realize that we have not activated the card in that country. We automatically flush with embarrassment when trying to explain that we are not going to finally buy it.

Solution include this action in the list of things to take on the trip or simply request one of the many prepaid cards without a bank account that save us many of these problems.

4- Do not wear a coat on the plane
Perhaps the first mistake a traveler makes, we could consider baptism. We have sat comfortable in a window seat, the takeoff has been perfect and after 20 minutes of travel we start to get a little cold. 20 minutes later we feel that we are inside an igloo in Greenland, and the worst: we have shipped all our coat.

Solution: Remember that experience as clearly as possible the next time we are about to board a plane.

5- Do not carry with us the most important thing
We arrived in a new country for ourselves, we have got on a train and we put the backpack with our wallet in the space above our heads. While we worry about enjoying the beautiful scenery, another person worries about keeping our backpack. And there goes our wallet with our money and our cards.

Solution: always carry the most important thing with us, if possible in our pockets or on our lap. If possible, manage with the least amount of cash and prepaid cards without a bank account like Bitsa’s.