Where to find remote jobs? the 5 best sites to achieve it!

One of the phenomena that we have witnessed in recent months, in conjunction with the pandemic that has forced a large part of the population to stay at home, is the propagation of smart working, which has allowed thousands of people to work remotely, or rather from home.

For many, the idea of working remotely is seen as a great opportunity because it brings a lot of benefits both in terms of time and economically.

So if you are one of those who would like to change jobs or just looking for a position that allows you to work remotely but you don’t know where to look, today we will show you the 5 best sites where to find remote jobs.



The best professions that allow working remotely today

As home jobs become more popular, the variety of remote jobs available continues to grow and the list of professions that allow smart working grows more and more.

Here are some of the professions that allow working remotely:

  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Project Manager
  • Customer service
  • Social media Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Graphic
  • UX Designer
  • Frontend or backend software developer
  • Data entry technician
  • Account Manager
  • Human Resources Technician
  • Commercial representative
  • Accountant
  • IT manager
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Product manager
  • Teacher


Of course, there are hundreds of other professions that can be done remotely, and the latest coronavirus events have shown that thanks to modern technology, companies can easily work with talented people from all over the world and enjoy many benefits.

The advantages of working remotely

Opportunities to work remotely are booming and many today believe that remote work brings only benefits. In fact, remote locations offer the best of both worlds: the energy that comes from working with a team (albeit remotely) and the freedom to work from wherever we want.

Among the main benefits that a remote job guarantees we find:

Employee productivity and work efficiency are two of the main reasons that are often mentioned by employees who choose to work remotely over daily office work. 

Furthermore, the journeys that most workers make daily to reach the workplace are also one of the most stressful factors that take their toll in the long term. Of course, remote work eliminates this type of limit, allowing us to enjoy more hours of sleep, to avoid the stress of travel, avoiding having to take buses or cars and reducing the costs arising from travel.

Statistics have shown that a relaxed worker is happier and increases his productivity incredibly.

Of course, companies also enjoy great benefits from working remotely. These result in lower overhead costs and higher productivity of their workers.



If what we told you convinced you and you are determined to find a job remotely, it’s time to show you the 5 best sites to achieve it.



Remote OK is considered the number 1 site for digital nomads, as it reaches more than 800,000 remote workers per month.

The job listings listed on their site are sent via email or real-time work feeds on Twitter and Facebook.

Joining the portal and looking for work is easy. You can filter your searches for recruiters, position level (junior or senior), technical or non-technical and type or sector such as Design, Marketing and Management etc..



Se stai cercando una alternativa gratuita a Flexjobs, We Work Remotely è una di queste.

It is one of the best remote working websites for both companies and freelancers, the platform connects its users with positions in companies and startups around the world.

We Work Remotely does not manage offers directly but acts as an intermediary between companies and potential candidates and allows you to send your CV, portfolio and cover letter and go through the recruitment process directly with the potential employer.

A wide range of remote jobs is listed and classified on We Work Remotely.

Among these we find:

  • Design
  • Customer Service
  • Programming
  • Developers and system administration
  • Marketing
  • Business and executive management


  1. FLEXJOBS: Flexjobs is one of the best sites to look for work remotely. In fact, it has over 36,000 active job offers from around 4,000 companies. All of these are organized into industry categories, full-time and freelance opportunities.

Flexjobs is not as free as many other websites where you can find work remotely, but it is worth using it for the quality and the large number of companies and jobs posted.



Jobspresso is an easy-to-use remote working website to find quality remote jobs.

The team behind Jobspresso makes sure every published job is legitimate and keeps their list updated constantly to include only open jobs.

Jobspresso’s job list includes fantastic remote jobs in technology, customer support, marketing etc..



As the name suggests, Problogger Jobs is a site that offers content writing jobs to freelancers and hires content writers to produce quality material for various companies.

Its customers are large companies that need copywriting services, freelance writers with blogs and websites, and need other editors to write their content.  

Work on Problogger can be filtered according to location level, type and sector and length or duration of work or contract. 

Most people who advertise on Problogger Jobs require a sample job to assess your potential and make sure it’s worth relying on your services.

Now that you know the 5 best sites where to find remote jobs, you just have to register and wait for some interesting offers to arrive in your email box. 

Very good luck!