What you study today won’t help you to find a job tomorrow

Biology, Chemistry, History, Drawing … are just some of the subjects that we learn in high school and the truth is that it is important to have certain notions of these subjects. However, it may not be very helpful in our future. That’s right, what you study today won’t help you to find a job tomorrow because… the professions of the future don’t exist yet. Discover what will be the jobs of the future The labor market changes at a very rapid pace and companies don’t find workers suitable for their needs. The education system must adapt to the changes produced by technology in society and, especially, in the labor market.

Discover what will be the jobs of the future

Here we present 10 professions of the future that promise to have a lot of demand. Attentive!

1.- Digital funeral manager

The funeral sector will always be viable. We’re all potential customers. So, how does this sector adapt to new technologies? When we die, our physical presence ceases to exist but what happens to our digital fingerprint? The digital funeral managers will be in charge of combining the digital world, with the real world … and the afterlife. Deleting the profiles of social networks and digital traces, designing biographies in QR formats placed in the graves or even organizing interactive vigils, are just some of the functions that the digital funeral manager will play in the future. Creepy or Cool?

2.- Cryptocurrency managers

The digital currencies are here to stay. More and more people buy and sell cryptocurrencies and their usability is improving over time. In fact, prepaid cards like Bitsa or Bitsa Young (prepaid card for young people between 14 and 17 years old) can be recharged with cryptocurrencies to make all kinds of purchases in physical stores and ecommerce. Although regulation is still pending in many countries, the managers of these digital assets (transparent, secure and without intermediaries such as banks or governments) will become necessary in the future.

3.- White Hacker or Digital Bodyguard

In a world where digital gains a prominent weight it will be important to protect ourselves from all kinds of attacks and threats. The figure of the digital bodyguard will defend the reputation of a person or company and protect our private data. Without a doubt, it will be one of the professions of the future most demanded by companies.

4.- Nanomedical

A specialization that requires medical and technological knowledges for the control of matter at minimum scales, less than one micron (1,000 times smaller than one millimeter). This profession will allow great advances in the medical field, since it will allow to fight diseases at the cellular or molecular level.

5.- Ciberlawyer

More and more lawyers are deciding to specialize in the rights of the digital age. Although there are still many legal loopholes on this matter, in the future lawyers will have no choice but to control digital issues. Cyber-lawyers will face virtual challenges in a changing reality.

6.- Chef 3D

Chef’s profession of 3D food printing will require the same skill as the oven and the cookstoves. It has already reached some restaurants in the world and 3D printers will end up invading our kitchens. Although this is already a reality, in the future this technology could evolve to solve major problems, such as hunger in the world.

7.- Social media broker

Social networks are essential for companies and in the future the brokers of social networks will be real trackers of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or the social networks that exist then. A profession that will require to be up to date with all the post and news to make the most of the RRSS of the company in which you work. Objective: Make the most of the company’s marketing and digital communication strategy without increasing expenses in content creation or creativity.

8.- Blockchain expert

Blockchain is a technology that is revolutionizing all sectors of society. Although it was discovered in 1991 it didn’t become really popular until the arrival of the first cryptocurrency: bitcoin (BTC). Now, healthcare, insurance and other areas are changing their business models and embracing the blockchain. So we encourage you to discover more everything that involves this technology because mastering it will be synonymous with guaranteed work.

9.- Urban harvester

The problem of climate change will reformulate the agricultural sector and the supply of resources. Therefore, profiles such as urban farmer or water harvester for irrigation and consumption from atmospheric humidity will begin to be increasingly in demand.

10.- Space junk archeologist

These professionals will be responsible for exploring space in search of debris in orbit around the planet. They can also plan tours of abandoned spacecraft or satellites without operation, in addition to collecting, archiving and decrypting the recovered items. Very interesting! [ux_image id=”4949″] [divider] Institutes and colleges are preparing students for jobs that don’t exist yet, are training them in professions of the past, don’t you think? What’s about tomorrow? Artificial intelligence, robots, the digital world… An immense range of opportunities opens up where not only the technological acquires importance, but also the ethical and legal limits that these new fields pose. So don’t despair if you don’t find your passion, a subject that motivates you or your place in high school. We are young and it is still too soon to know that. Even your tutor or your parents won’t know how to give you a correct answer. Who was going to tell them, 20 years ago, that there would be professions like youtuber, digital marketing specialist or drone pilot? The future is uncertain for everyone and is plenty of surprises. It promises to be a revolution. Are you ready?