What is a sustainable enterprise?

The future of the planet depends on us, so it is essential that each entrepreneur has clear what is sustainable entrepreneurship to improve the development of their business.

Today, more than ever we must be aware of the impact we have as humans on planet earth punished by our footprint. It is essential to know what tools are available to us to live in harmony with the environment around us.


Many big companies have understood this change and are modifying their business models. And fortunately, most of the startups are born with the concept of sustainability acquired.

Sustainability emerges as a vein of business, as an added value, as a segment and fertile ground within the new economies.


What is a green business?

An ecological or sustainable business is one that takes into account the environment when executing its practices. The focus is no longer exclusively on generating profits at any cost and how to do so takes a preponderant place.

You may also hear that others prefer to call it social entrepreneurship or there are those who choose to call it sustainable. Anyway, the meaning is the same: undertake in a sustainable way.

For example, a dry cleaner that does not use chemicals, a store that uses recycled bags, etc.


Is a sustainable business profitable?

One of the main fears when starting sustainable businesses is whether this can really be an obstacle due to an increase in costs.

Fortunately, studies have shown that starting a green business is not only a noble movement but it’s also a big deal in terms of revenue.

The use of renewable energy or recycling techniques tends to reduce costs and that makes it not only a good business for the environment but also for entrepreneurs.

In addition, the fact that a brand has that vision and commitment improves the positive attributes that customers give it. Thus, a customer is more likely to have a positive image of a dry cleaner using natural products than one using chemicals.

Many of these customers (mainly the new generations) will end up opting for sustainable dry cleaning because in addition to offering a good service, it makes a positive contribution to the world in which we all live.


Ideas for sustainable entrepreneurship

I will now name two of the ideas of sustainable environmental business that have surprised me the most and that show that any type of enterprise can make this change a reality:



Bicycles help us transport in an environmentally friendly way and without polluting the environment, but thanks to Bicible they have now become mobile advertising posters.

How does it work? Brands pay bike drivers to mount ads on their wheels or adapted structures on the back.

 You can hire the number of bikes you need for your campaign, and at the same time monitor them to know the number of kilometers covered (visibility).

This is how Bicible has made both parties make a profit, encouraging the use of bicycles through a sustainable environmental business.



Another idea of sustainable entrepreneurship that has caught my attention is Ecoshell, a green disposable company.

What does this mean? This company has observed that tons of plastic or unicel utensils are thrown out daily and these severely damage the environment.

 So, he has created a collection of disposable utensils that are completely biodegraded within 90 to 240 days as they are consumed by bacteria and microorganisms from the ground.

Hundreds of restaurants and catering companies are already regular customers of Ecoshell.

 Don’t forget that with Bitsa you can help these and thousands of other sustainable ventures through the internet, buying their products with our card that has no links with banks.