What is a debit card and what is it for?

Because human beings had to meet their basic needs, ancient civilizations resorted to barter; which was the exchange of goods for others, depending on their value or usefulness. Many elements were used as money, depending on the culture or historical period. 

With the passage of time the barter faced various challenges such as unfair value, or complications in its transportation. Because of the above, it evolved into coins and then paper money (what we now know as banknotes.)

Therefore, money is a collection of wealth that people use as a means of payment to obtain or exchange goods and services. With the challenges that technological advances offer us, this has experienced a constant evolution.


In its evolution money has taken the form of electronic data who travel through communications networks around the world in seconds. But what is and how does e-money work?.

This money is found virtually in a bank account, and is no longer supported by a physical object, but by the daily work and production to obtain it. To be able to use it, technology, infrastructure are required, among others. Thanks to the advancement of these technologies, we are allowed to make transactions ever more secure, fast and efficient; even from mobile devices or computers.

The most common means of electronic payment are debit and credit cards. These allow us to make payments without the need to have cash in our pockets.

Differences between credit and debit cards

Physically, both options are similar. The main difference lies in the form of payment, the possibility of financing and the interest they can generate.

     on a debit card, the charge is made directly to the account and payment is only allowed up to the limit of funds. On the other hand, credit card gives us the option to make payments even without funds; in this way, the purchase is made, but the holder contracts a debt with the bank, which must be settled on the date set.

  • POSSIBILITY OF FINANCING: debit cards, unlike credit cards, cannot finance or defer payments. Cas mentioned above, the amount is charged immediately and deducted directly from the balance of the holder.
  • ACCORDING TO INTEREST: credit cards, allow you to split payments. However, contracting debt with the bank, leads to the payment of interest. This is not common on debit cards.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these options, we recommend you make an assessment about your financial behavior, in order to avoid unnecessary debts that you will not be able to pay.

For those who are used to spending a little more than they earn and to running a little disorganized finances, a credit card will be the gateway to eternal and unpayable debts. Therefore, in these cases, debit cards will be our best allies.

Advantages of debit card

These are some advantages of using a debit card:

  1. EXPENSE CONTROL: Unlike cash, with the debit card you will be able to access your account status, with which you will identify the date and place where you made your purchases.
  2. SECURITY: In case of theft or loss, you can report it and it will be blocked. This will prevent the loss of your money.
  3. COMFORT: When making a payment, you will only need the card and the charge will be made for the amount set. Without the need to have your cash.
  4. FAKE MONEY: Being an electronic medium, avoid the risk of obtaining counterfeit notes or too small coins because, in some shops, they are no longer accepted.
  5. REWARDS: There are shops that, for cash payments, offer discounts or benefits.
  6. HIGHER EXPENSES: As a tool that only uses your own money, you will not generate debts with banks for loans borrowed.
  7. FREEDOM: When you travel outside your country, you will have the opportunity to withdraw money from any ATM, and this will be delivered to you in the currency and exchange rate.

    However, if you do not want your card to be linked to a bank account and have greater security and control over your expenses, the best option is undoubtedly the Prepaid Card.

    Prepaid cards offer almost all the advantages of credit and debit cards, in addition to ensuring higher levels of security, since they are not linked to the bank account. Therefore, if you do not have and do not want to open a bank account, if you prefer to spend only what you have on your card and want to be able to travel, pay and withdraw money anywhere in the world, the Prepaid card is the ideal solution.

    An example is BITSA, because it brings together all the advantages of a normal prepaid card, in addition to presenting unique features. With Bitsa you can buy online or in any store, without being associated with a bank account. In addition Bitsa allows you:

    – Make purchases online safely, thanks to Verified by Visa technology (secure payment);
    – Pay in stores around the world;
    – Withdraw cash from any ATM and through a PINCASH in thousands of stores;
    – Make SEPA transfers;
    – Make payments between cards;
    – Top up the card with vouchers and cryptocurrencies.

What are you waiting to get your Bitsa Card?.