ventajas pago 3D Secure

What is 3D Secure? Benefits of 3D Secure


Trust or not trust? That is the question, especially when it’s about online transactions. However, the operation is carried out in a calmly way if 3D Secure payment interferes, due to it has the advantage of guaranteeing the security of online purchases. What is 3D Secure and what are the benefits? Keep reading to find out.

In order to curb fraudulent operations on the Internet, and keep all personal data safe, the 3D Secure (3 Domain Secure) security protocol emerged. Today, it is the most effective and updated method for the prevention of online payment frauds.

3D Secure Payment: What is it?

3D Secure Payment is a security system for online card payments. Specifically, this system certifies the identity of the buyer during the purchase process, ensuring the protection of payment information during the operation. That is, it guarantees that the user is identified and accredited as the real cardholder.

3D Secure is a three-part process (hence the name), which are:

  • The ecommerce that sells the product or service.
  • The “buyer”, which actually refers to the bank of the user who is making the purchase.
  • And the card issuer (such as Visa or MasterCard)

The process for this verification, to verify that the user is who he really claims to be, consists:

The 3D Secure system transfers information between ecommerce and the issuer of the card of the user who makes the purchase. The information you transfer is composed of a history of datas from other previous purchases made by the user. The more information transmitted, the more security. This is a fast and imperceptible process for the buyer.

Despite being highly recommended and tremendously beneficial service for all parties (since less fraud and more user peace of mind, increase their confidence, number of purchases on the web and the website’s reputation), it should be said that this service is not mandatory.

For this cases, is there a difference between credit and debit card or even prepaid card? The answer is yes. Currently, not all card providers offer this service.

This service is included by some of the most important payment companies; like Visa or Mastercard. In fact, is probable that you have identified these services under the name of “Verified by Visa” or “SecureCode”.

Bitsa Card: A secure option for your online purchases

In the event that you decide to operate with the Bitsa card, security is more than guaranteed. All your online purchases are doubly protected.

Firstly, because we operate with the 3D Secure service, specifically Verified by Visa. And secondly because the limit of the Bitsa card, due to is not linked to a bank account, will always be the amount available on the card. Spend only what you recharge! Virtual Card or physical, you decide.

How does 3D Secure payment work?

Let’s see a practical example of how this system works with Anna.

Ana wants to buy a smart watch online with her Bitsa Card.

Ana activates her card and creates her password, so when making a purchase online a Verified by Visa windows will appear in which you must enter the password.

In this way your identity will be verified and the purchase confirmed thanks to the 3D Secure Payment service.

But what happens behind the scenes?


The ecommerce wants to check if Ana is really the person behind the purchase process and not a hacker playing with her money.

This is where the 3D Secure payment authentication process begins.


Thus, the issuer (in this case VISA) checks all the data shared by the ecommerce. These data range from Ana’s type of product, location, to the type of device she has used for the purchase.

At this point the third party comes into the process. Therefore the name 3-D Secure.


After checking the hundreds of data received, the issuer successfully confirms the transaction made with Ana’s card. That is when gives the confirmation and approves the purchase.


Finally, Ana’s purchase was successful and her smart watch is on the way.

All of this without being aware of this complex process that involves 3D Secure Payment, which occurs in a matter of seconds and is imperceptible to the buyer.

A service that has ensured great protection against possible frauds. 

A service that benefits the user but also the e commerce, which sees it sales increased thanks to the trust that their customers have in their secure shopping platform.