What are the benefits of disposable cards?

Disposable cards offer an innovative way to manage and control personal finances. Bitsa allows its users the freedom of up to 8 disposable cards to use as they wish. In this article, we will explore the benefits of having these cards and how they can improve your financial life.

Security and Privacy:

Scams and thefts made with our information and credit cards are becoming more and more common. Whether online or in a physical store, there is always the risk of having your credit card copied or personal data stolen.
By using our card, you significantly reduce these attacks since your information is not linked to the card. At the same time, if you suspect that your card data has been compromised, what you need to do is to cancel the card and activate a new one. In less than 5 minutes you will be able to use it without problems and with the security that your information is private.

Staying safe in the digital age is becoming increasingly complex and fraudsters are getting more creative. Disposable cards are a simple and effective solution to maintain our security and privacy.

Total Control:

How many times have you overspent with your credit card? Surely more than you would like. With our cards you can now control your finances effectively. Load your cards with the exact amount you want to spend and avoid unnecessary expenses. Don’t forget that Bitsa allows you to have up to 8 cards at the same time. We recommend assigning different purposes to each card, such as online shopping, entertainment or travel. This way you spend only what you want.

Looking for a weekend getaway to the beach? Use your Bitsa card that you have assigned to travel, load it with the money you want to spend on the trip and forget about controlling your expenses so you don’t have headaches in the future.

Payment with Cryptocurrencies

At Bitsa you can not only buy cryptocurrencies with euros easily, but also use your crypto in the stores you like the most. This opens up an enormous range of opportunities.

Why would anyone want to pay with cryptocurrencies? Well, not only to make use of your investment, but we can also take advantage of market fluctuations in our favor. Consider this: if you have Bitcoin and its value increases significantly in a week, you can take advantage of those gains to treat yourself to something special that may not have been possible before.

But it’s not just about taking advantage of price jumps. It’s also about diversifying your financial options and adopting a more flexible approach to your daily life. With Bitsa, for example, you can use your cryptocurrencies in a wide variety of situations, from online shopping to everyday expenses. It’s a way to keep more control of your finances and experience the benefits of the crypto world in your daily life.

Best of all, the store does not need to know that you have made your purchases with cryptocurrencies. The conversion is done instantly and for them it is the same as if you paid with euros.

Bitsa is a solution for the security and control of your financial transactions. With our disposable cards, you can experience the freedom of paying with cryptocurrencies and keep your finances safe and secure.