What are digital nomads?

The Internet has improved our lives in many aspects, mainly in regards to working life. Working 8 hours a day in the same place for a long time is beginning to be considered a new form of prison.

It’s an exaggeration? Considering the number of possibilities and tools that exist today to work remotely, perhaps it is not, and it is time that we at least start by commenting to our bosses: Do you know what digital nomads are?

Digital nomads are people who use the benefits of the internet and telecommunications to work remotely while traveling the world. Thus, they can enjoy greater freedom, learn about new cultures and experiences without feeling adrift as they will continue to have a job wherever they go.


It is characterized by being very independent people, who have no problems with detachment and enjoy living a life where material goods are not a priority. The digital nomad travels with little: a laptop, a 10-kg suitcase with clothing and just a some little things.

The good connection to wi-fi is almost as important as water in the life of the digital nomad, as well as having cards to buy online everything they need in their travels. Many of them have prepaid cards because allow them to have more control over expenses and it is no need a bank account.

It is estimated that there are approximately 4.8 million digital nomads in the world, a number that grows every year and could reach 17 million in 2025.


I imagine that reading these lines you have begun to imagine yourself on a beautiful Caribbean beach, fully tanned and with a laptop on your lap. Brake now! the laptop will fill with sand and you will have to use your card to pay online for a new one, this will alter the tight budget you have so you will go into crisis and start thinking about living with your parents again.

The life of the digital nomad is not as simple as some want to make you believe. You must live away from your family and make new friends to each place you move, you must exercise your routine to adapt to each new environment without losing productivity, you must deal with flights, accommodations, and poor internet connections.

These lines you are reading are written by a digital nomad, who has decided to quit her 8-hour-a-day job, every day in the same place for a new life, with adventures and misadventures. And believe me, although the life of the digital nomad is not perfect, it is immensely more satisfying than letting your dreams of travel wither in an office, watching the same scenery from the window.