Unexpected ways to use prepaid cards


Now that you know the differences between credit, debit and prepaid cards and you belive you know all the advantages of a prepaid card without a bank account, it’s time to go one step further, so find out this 5 unexpected ways to use prepaid cards that, believe or not, have their audience and their usefulness…Take a look!


1 – For elderly people

Many people must take care of their close relatives when they reach a certain age and, unfortunately, when their health starts to falter.

When older people suffer some kind of cognitive impairment they are especially vulnerable to any type of scam and aren’t able to properly manage their assets.

For these reasons, it is important to help them manage their money, without making them feel incapacitated. Plastic cards that allow them to make their payments and arrangements, still make them feel independent, so taking them off would be a mistake. However, there are intermediate solutions. This is where prepaid cards without a bank account come into play.

Letting them manage their bank accounts and having credit cards is risky. Therefore, prepaid cards are a good option to control and monitor their expenses in a non-intrusive way


2.- For those who recover from an addiction

Many people who have suffered some type of addiction resort to prepaid cards at the moment they decide to begin their recovery. Why? Very simple, because a prepaid card allows to avoid compulsive and impulsive expenses.

In addition, many cards support adjusting restrictions on the daily money limit available. Very useful to restrict the use of ATMs.


3.- For your secret stuffs

Among the 5 unexpected ways to use prepaid cards, the most popular option is for using them to hide things.

An unconfessable hobby, a parallel life or simply a surprise gift for your partner … Prepaid cards are free of snoopers and give you the privacy you are looking for.

Neither bank managers, nor associates, nor correspondence … these types of products stand out for being practical and discreet. What else do you need?


4.- For saving

Many people decide to save by transferring money to another account opened within their bank. However, in most cases opening another bank account is not free, nor cheap. Not to mention that many banks require some payroll, receipts or a fixed monthly income.

Why accept all this when you can easily save? Prepaid cards without a bank account are a great option to save money, transferring to an account, quickly, easily and for free. No fine prints and no unjustified commissions.

For example, many people use them to set aside money to enjoy a good holiday. Thus, at the moment when the desired dates arrive, they take their prepaid card and … enjoy! In addition, many prepaid cards allow travel without just commissions.


5.- For your business 

If you have a company with employees in your care, you will be interested in knowing this use of prepaid cards.

Sales agents that go out to the street, employees who go to fairs and conferences, subsistence allowances, transportation expenses … How to control all these expenses without using the main account with which the company makes all the important payments? You know the answer.

Prepaid cards, like Bitsa Card, offer total and absolute control of all expenses. Each employee can have their card and it is possible to transfer money instantly according to their needs, wherever they are.


Extra!! Plus one gift!

Discover one extra unexpected way to use prepaid cards. One use related to the young people of the house.


6.- For your children to manage their weekly allowance

Yesss! As you read, there are prepaid cards for young people under 18 and are really useful. Nowadays, new generations don’t find cash utility because their needs are 100% digital.

Cards like Bitsa Young are very convenience so that the children begin to enjoy their economic independence, while the parents teach them to manage their expenses with complete peace of mind.

Does your child go on excursion or to the cinema with friends and need more money? Instant transfer between Bitzers and solved. Unforeseen moments never will be a problem anymore.


As you can see, there is a whole world to discover in the universe of prepaid cards. These are just some of the ways to use prepaid cards. Perhaps you have been reflected in any of these uses or it has helped you find solutions.

We encourage you to discover the Bitsa Card and request your free virtual card. Easy, fast, safe … #BitsaCard.


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