recargar Bitsa con cupones

Did you know that you can top up Bitsa with vouchers? Find out where to get them and how to op up it quickly.

Do you need to top up your Bitsa quickly but do not have another Bitsa to transfer money or can not wait for a transfer from another card or from a bank account?

If you still do not know, Bitsa vouchers are the most convenient, fastest and safest way to top up your prepaid card instantly.


How to top up Bitsa with vouchers and where to get them


There are two ways to get a Bitsa voucher to top up your prepaid:

  1. You can get them on the website in the form of gift cards.
  2. You can buy them in different amounts in one of the associated points of sale, available on the map of the App.

Once you have purchased the top up voucher, access the Bitsa App, select the card you want to top up (if you have more than one) and on the screen with the summary of your movements choose the option TOP UP, in the top menu, as in the following image.

A new screen will open and you will have to choose the option VOUCHER from the menu.

On this screen, you will be asked for the voucher code you purchased.

If you do not know where the code is, click on the information icon on the screen, and you will be explained where to find it on the purchase ticket.

Alternatively, you can scan the voucher code directly from the camera icon.

Once you have entered the code, you will receive a confirmation that will inform you that the top up has been processed.

In just a few minutes, the amount of the redeemed voucher will be added to your card, which will be ready to be used for any type of purchase.


If you do not want to buy an online voucher and prefer to buy one in cash at one of the associated physical points, you will only have to  go back to the Home screen of the Bitsa App, select the store locator in the lower menu and look for the nearest point.

The Bitsa team is working hard to activate as many partner stores as possible across Europe, so you can have the ease of buying a top-up in cash and have money in your Bitsa from the comfort of your home.

We will keep you informed about the opening of new points.

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Stay tuned!!