Top booktubers

Yes, we read! Top 5 Booktubers on Youtube

Who said young people don’t read? Another adult nasty comment to point us as retards and bit up our generation. But this is fake.

We are interested in reading. Simply, our habits are really different and we combine print and digital. Just take a look to the thousands of subscribers that Booktubers accounts have in YouTube.

Recommendations, book reviews, tips, interviews … This YouTube book influencers show that we are interested in culture and reading, despite the fact we have other ways of informing and interacting.

TOP 5 BookTubers on Youtube

1) PolandbananasBOOKS409.000 subscribers

One of the most well-known BookTubers is Christine Riccio. She loves comedy and reading fantastic books.

2) abookutopia – 369.000 subscribers

Sasha is a book-o-holic (and proud). At least, that’s what she says. Her bookshelf, her dog and her passion about Scotland are full well known by her followers.

3) Jessethereader – 362.000 subscribers

Jesse defines himself as a book warrior. Jesse has been around BookTube for a long time and is one of its male most well-known figures.

4) A Clockwork Reader – 254.000 subscribers

Although there are many book reviews on Internet, Hannah knows exactly how to get your attention. Check out this BookTube Channel before if you want to hear some previous interesting recommendations before your next book.

5) Little Book Owl – 183.000 subscribers

Catriona created her Youtube channel to keep track of the books she read as well as expressing her thoughts and opinions.

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