The best travel apps: 7 essentials


Are you one of those who plans to the last detail of your holidays? Or, on the contrary, are you one of those who leave everything to improvisation? Regardless of which group you belong to, you are interested in taking note of the best travel apps.

If you are one of the forecasters, these travel applications will make your life easier. If you are one of those who improvise, then they will save your life directly to each unexpected event. Check out!

7 essential travel apps

1.- PackPoint

You spend time thinking about the long-awaited holidays and it’s time to leave. But first… Will it be cold or hot? What clothes will I need? Packing is one of the most lazy things when you go on holidays.

For those who don’t want to get complicated when packing, PackPoint is the perfect solution because this app makes a packing list for you!

Enter the date, destination, length of stay, select the activities you will do on your trip and that’s all.  Open your suitcase and follow carefully the list of things that the application orders you: a sure hit!


2.- Google Translator

The classic. Google Translator couldn’t be missing in this list because it has some very useful functions for travelling that many people still don’t know.

What to do if you travel to a country with a totally different language from yours? Normally, English tends to be used, but what if you can’t make yourself understood? For example, in China few people speak English, so these types of applications will be very helpful.

Google Translator allows you to translate posters and signs thanks to the image translation tool, it also allows you to translate an entire document, translate using audio and even translate without an Internet connection. Very useful, right?

Todo un clásico. Google Translator no podía faltar en este listado porque cuenta con unas funciones muy útiles para viajar que mucha gente desconoce.


3.- CityMapper

If you don’t want to get lost on your holidays, this must be one of the essential apps on your mobile.

This free application shows the best combinations to move around the city you are visiting. Not only take into account the metro or bus itineraries, but also this transport application combines data of trains, ferries, bicycles and other special services like Uber. In addition, CityMapper has a smart watch version.

A very complete application!


4.- Splitwise

If you travel accompanied, with friends or family, this is one of the best apps to travel easily because it allows you to control your group expenses.

Splitwise is the typical application that you download for when traveling in group and ends up staying on your mobile for any situation that involves group tracking expenses (a birthday dinner, a rural getaway, etc).

In group trips, many people choose to make a common pot for expenses. However, this always ends up complicated.

With Splitwise sums will be done alone! You can quickly check how much you owe to each person, as well as those who owe you money.

When you are in a group, and especially when traveling, the last thing you want is headaches. So this app gives you the peace of mind you need.


5.- Flush

Nature can knock  on your door at any time, so it always interesting to know where the nearest bathroom are. Calm, because Flush saves you from this tight spot. Now you don’t have to wait, nor be in tension while you go sightseeing.

Flush – Toilet Finder & Map is one of the best travel apps because it easily locates the toilets closest to your location, wherever you are.

The application lets you know if the toilet is free or not, if it requires a key or password, if it has access for people with reduced mobility and even other user opinions


6.- Bitsa Card

It is an app to control every single payment you make with the Bitsa Card. This prepaid card without a bank account offers several advantages when traveling.

First of all, not being linked to a bank account gives you maximum security when paying abroad (in cases of loss, identity theft, duplicates, etc.). In addition, with a prepaid card, you can top-up only the money you want to spend. All controlled from the app.

And if this were not enough, Bitsa’s prepaid card has much lower commissions than banks, allows high cash withdrawals at ATMs and instant transfers between other Bitsa users.

Discover also other unexpected ways to use of prepaid cards.


7.- Safe365

Safe365 defines itself as “the application that can save your life.” It’s a very useful free telecare app, specially for children and adults.

If you are travelling and lose sight of one familiar among a crowd of people, this mobile app allows you to know the exact location by GPS in real time.

It is also useful for people who practice sports, because in a situation of vulnerability (disorientation, injury, etc.) the person has a “panic button” that directly contacts emergency services, sharing the exact location and data of contact in case you cannot communicate.

Hopefully you never see the need to use it, but as you never know what can happen this tool is positioned as essential in this list of best applications for travelling. It is a great help app in the worst moments.


So you know, if you are thinking about your next holidays, all you need is: have your money controlled with a prepaid card like Bitsa Card and have your mobile equipped with the best travel apps.

And to enjoy!

Bon voyage !!