The best apps to control your expenses


Today we will briefly review different solutions that will allow us from knowing how much we can spend per day, to operating with banks without commissions. So free megabytes in your storage because the best apps to control your expenses are here.
We try to collect all the free options so that you do not have to spend on an app that is used to control expenses.


Apps to control your Android / IOS expenses
1- Wally
This is an app that stands out for being super simple and friendly, so you can easily understand all the accounts, balances and real expenses of each month.
It is available in more than 15 languages ​​and its main feature is that it can be linked directly to your bank accounts, creating a live budget based on the data it extracts (this will save you from having to manually enter all your income and expenses).
2- 1Money
A very visual app that will show you different graphics based on the data you enter and where you can see exactly what you spend your money on (sports, leisure, hypermarkets, etc.). In addition, you can change currency when you want, something that is vital when you are on vacation or traveling for work.
3- Daily Budget
Another very intuitive app that allows you to better understand your finances and in which you can set fully customizable savings goals. One of the best features is the ability to add reminders that notify you of how much money you can spend per day, based on your goals.
Although this is not a specific app to control expenses, it provides the best possible solution to avoid unnecessary expenses. How does it work? Directly from the app, you can request a prepaid Bitsa card without a bank account that, among other things, will allow you to avoid the most common hidden bank fees that you will have to face if you open a bank account. Bitsa acts like a bank, without commissions.
5- GoodBudget
This app is ideal if what you need is to create budgets to avoid overdoing your expenses. You simply set a budget (eg 55 euros), assign it a title (eg cinema expenses) and you will automatically have absolute control, avoiding exceeding your spending capacity in a certain area.
If you want to further improve your finances, do not hesitate to explore our blog, where you will find dozens of articles that will help you efficiently manage your money.