Take advantage of the replaceable multi-cards!

The replaceable multi-card system of Bitsa is an alternative for those who have a conventional debit or credit card and want to avoid providing their card details in online purchases or spending more than they can afford.

These types of cards are designed to be used in a specific category of expenses, such as online purchases, paying for streaming services or online platforms, travel expenses, or shopping at clothing stores, among others.

In this way, our users can enable and disable cards as many times as they need according to their expense segmentation, considering that they can have up to 8 cards simultaneously.

These cards are associated with sub-accounts that the user can reload using a card, bank transfer, cryptocurrencies, or cash with our coupons. They work in the same way as any other credit or debit card, but if the user wishes, they can limit their use to a single category of expenses.

A practical use case for Bitsa’s disposable cards could be purchasing a product or service online from an untrusted store, one that hasn’t been used before, or where you want to protect your personal financial information. Instead of providing personal financial information, you can use a replaceable card with a predetermined value that matches the price of the product or service you want to purchase. This way, you can avoid the risk of fraud or theft of personal financial information.

Another example could be when you want to control expenses in a specific category during a trip, such as meals or entertainment. Instead of carrying a conventional credit card that may be subject to additional charges or fraud, you can use a replaceable card with a specific value for that expense category.

Moreover, they are also a good option for those who do not have a bank account or a credit card and wish to make online purchases.

In summary, the replaceable multi-card system is a secure and convenient option for making online or in-store purchases, especially for those who want to protect their personal and financial information or have better control over their expenses.