Cómo comprar online de manera segura en Black Friday

Shop online safely this Black Friday


Black Friday has positioned itself as the true beginning of the Christmas shopping campaign, but do we know how to shop online safely this Black Friday?

Today everyone can answer the question of what is black friday. The big party of the bargains has its origin in the United States, the day after Thanksgiving, and has quickly spread throughout the world and especially on the Internet.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday will be on Friday 29th November 2019. A date written in stone by those who take advantage to make their Christmas purchases, because there is less than a month left for Christmas.

Although many physical stores join the fashion of black friday, the truth is that the largest purchases are made online. Users are on the hunt for the best black friday offers , but do they know the risks to which they are exposed?

How to shop online safely on Black Friday 2019?

Fraudulent offers, purchases in unsafe sites, theft of personal data … Internet threats increase significantly on special dates like these, where the volume of sales is very high and where buyers quickly launch on any bargain without even analyzing the truthfulness and the reliability of the transaction.

To avoid overconfidence, one of the most popular solutions to shop online safely are prepaid cards without bank accounts. This cards allow you to top-up instantly the amount you want to spend, are not linked to any bank account, don’t charge any maintenance fees and, in addition, can also be used day to day, being very useful for traveling abroad. The advantages of using a prepaid card make it a very popular payment method among online shoppers.

If you still don’t have yours, get it before this Black Friday 2019 and request your free virtual Bitsa Card. An electronic money account in the form of a virtual or physical VISA prepaid card.

Once you have your Bitsa card, you can get the ones that will surely be the best selling products on Black Friday.

Best Selling products on this Black Friday 2019

Pay attention, these are the 4 products that have all the ballots to succeed on Black Friday 2019. Write them down and check, when the date approaches, the offers applied for Black Friday.


Notebook Acer Aspire 3


Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 7


If you are looking to buy a laptop on black friday, you should know that this Acer Aspire 3 of 15.6 ’is being the best selling laptop in recent months.


A classic within the Electronic section of any ecommerce. Which mobile to buy in black friday?

Without a doubt, Xiaomi phones will be the most desired. The Xiaomi Redmi 7A seems to take the lead.


FIFA 20 Video game


Winter coats


Black Friday at Amazon will record another year more incredible shopping numbers.

This famous video game is already among Amazon’s best sellers and promises to win Gold on November 29.


In fashion, it is difficult to predict what will be the star product because all brands promise big discounts on their products.

Be it Zara’s black friday, Mango’s black friday or Zalando’s black friday, what is clear is that coats will be the big bet.

A seasonal product whose price will decrease significantly thanks to the great discounts.


This is our top 4, although we predict that electric scooters, wireless headphones and smart speakers will force to sneak into the highest positions of the sales pod of this black friday 2019.

And for those who want more, the Cyber monday is celebrated the following Monday of Black Friday!