¿Por qué Bitsa?

Why Bitsa?

If you have come here it is because you are wondering this, why Bitsa? Well, here we bring you 5 reasons to become a Bitzer. Take note!

In 2009, the Urban Dictionary picked up the word “Bitsa” in its urban vocabulary glossary. Apparently, as this dictionary indicates, the word Bitsa is often used to refer to a person of no fixed nationality. Someone who has many backgrounds and no attachments or desire to be associated with any past family history.

10 years later, the Bitsa project is born and we cannot agree more with this definition! We don’t want to be associate with any past history related to banks and other traditional financial institutions. Nor do we want to define ourselves as a unique nationality; Our home is the world!


Why Bitsa?


1 – Freedom for everyone!

Freedom in your finances! We offer you a free virtual prepaid card – although you can also get the physical card – with which you can control all your payments.

You don’t need a bank account here, you are free! You top-up the money you want to have on your card and spend only what you have; No maintenance fees or extra fees.

2 – Without borders

In Bitsa we believe in an open world without borders. We are a multicultural team and that is reflected in the card. So if you are, like us, a lover of travels and adventures, with the Bitsa card you can withdraw money abroad easily.

3 – Security = Tranquility

We break away from the cliché that the “Internet is not safe”. Every time we make more purchases online and that is why we are committed to a secure bitsa card, verified by Visa, to manage your expenses with maximum peace of mind.

4 – Just a clic!

Bitsa card is very comfortable. It doesn’t take up space in your wallet, you will have full control of your expenses with just one click! From the application you can do all kinds of actions: online shopping, SEPA transfers and transfers between cards, etc.

5 – Future is here

We look to the future, we look to the digital and without ties. What’s more, we allow you to easily top up the Bitsa card from a coupon card or with cryptocurrencies. Request, top-up and enjoy!

Now you know us better. Why Bitsa? For these 5 reasons and for everything that is to come. Join to the Bitzer revolution! You can request your rechargeable card through the Bitsa app.

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