Forget the limits with the Bitsa Pro Plan


A prepaid card without a bank account, like Bitsa Card, is synonymous with freedom. In turn, freedom implies having no ties, no limits. Within Bitsa plans, freedom is synonymous with Pro. So, don’t limit yourself with the Pro Plan of Bitsa Card prepaid card and enjoy your money without complications.


Among the several Bitsa Plans, the Pro Plan is the most superior plan. It is a plan designed for the most demanding users who make great use of their funds on a daily basis and, therefore, who require more personalized and exclusive conditions.


For business people, insatiable buyers, recurring payments, etc. No matter how you use your Bitsa card, whatever the reason, what really matters is having the best features if your use exceeds the most basic needs .


There are many advantages of the Bitsa Pro Plan, starting with the four withdrawals at ATMs availables every day. Withdrawals of up to 1.500€ per day!


For those users who regularly transfer money between different accounts, the Pro Plan allows you to make free and unlimited transfers within the SEPA zone . There is no limit when it comes to transferring and managing your money.


Also, with this superior plan, there are no balance limits either of the Bitsa Card. You can reload the prepaid card unlimitedly, with the exception of credit card top-ups.


The Pro Plan of Bitsa prepaid card


If you are looking for a VIP conditions to control your money freely and without limits, then the Pro Plan of Bitsa is what you need. All the freedom of a prepaid card without a bank account, crypto-friendly and without limits in your transactions. What are you waiting for?


The monthly fee for the Pro plan is 9.99€, although opting for the annual fee will cost you more profitable. It’s your choice!


And remember! If you don’t want to continue with your plan and prefer to go to come back to Free Plan  or getting the Move Plan, you can do it directly from the app.

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