Tarjeta de prepago con criptomonedas Bitsa

How a Cryptocurrencies prepaid Card works and what can I use it for

From the birth of bitcoin in 2009 to date, we have witnessed a rapid evolution of cryptocurrencies and the spread, throughout the world, of an increasing number of stores that accept payments with bitcoin or other cryptos, affecting more than positively their scalability.

Examples are large chain stores in Spain such as Carrefour, Fnac, Game, Eroski, Worten, which provide customers with cryptocurrency vouchers, redeemable for bitcoin, and more than 20 different cryptocurrencies.

Although the forecasts make us hope for even greater diffusion of activities that, little by little, could join this economic and social change, for the moment the problem of the usability of cryptocurrencies and the need to rely on a system that allows to exchange them with legal tender money, an option that is not yet possible with banking institutions.

That’s why today we want to tell you about the prepaid card with cryptocurrencies, one of the most used solutions by crypto lovers who want to sell and convert bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in euro in a safe, easy, and fast way.


What is a prepaid card with cryptocurrencies used for?


A prepaid card generally allows you to use the money deposited on it almost anywhere, being able to make any type of purchase, online or in physical stores, withdrawing money from ATMs, from thousand of shops through a PINCASH, receiving and sending money to and from any part of the world.

Most of the prepaid cards have the advantage of not being connected to a bank account and are very easy to request.

Among the various prepaid cards, there are some that offer an interesting functionality (which most cards do not offer), that of being able to recharge them with cryptocurrencies and being able to convert them to euros.


How does the prepaid card with cryptocurrencies works?


The prepaid card with cryptocurrencies, as we have already mentioned, is a reloadable card equipped with a circuit (for example VISA or MasterCard), like any banking card (credit/debit) and it has the characteristic of being able to be used anywhere in the world to buy cryptocurrencies, to pay in online and physical stores who accept this type of payment, to withdraw cash at ATMs.

Within certain limits of use, the prepaid card with cryptocurrencies can be anonymous (non-nominative) and, in this case, allows to purchase without having to reveal our identity.

Another advantage compared to bank credit cards is that the management costs and fees of a prepaid card are cheaper.

If you still have doubts about why you should prefer a prepaid card that is not linked to a bank account, rather than a credit card, we strongly recommend that you read the article on the Advantages of having a prepaid card without a bank account.


How to convert Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in euros


If you are not aware of it yet, Bitsa provides its users with a prepaid card with cryptocurrencies which, in addition to the normal electronic withdrawal and payment transactions, allows you to get the value of your crypto by converting them with the legal tender money (euros).

This way you will have the money available on your card to make payments or withdraw money at any ATM at any time.

Another advantage offered by Bitsa is the possibility to top it up with vouchers, bank transfers and cryptocurrency.

Requesting a Bitsa card is quick and easy. Just follow a few simple steps:

  • Access and register on the Bitsa website;
  • Request the Card. Bitsa will be sent directly to your address.

Once received, you can use it to:

  • Make any purchase online and in physical stores safely;
  • Receive and send money from anywhere in the world;
  • Withdraw cash at any ATM;
  • Make Sepa transfers;
  • Make payments and transfers between cards;
  • Convert Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in euros.


You will be able to top up your Bitsa wherever and whenever you want, check all the movements and expenses online … all this by accessing safely from your account.


Finally, you can make use of your crypto!

What are you waiting for? Request your BITSA now! 😉