Tarjeta de prepago con criptomonedas ¿Cómo funciona?

Advantages of using and recharging a prepaid card with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Sell cryptocurrencies? That is why you should use a prepaid card reloadable with funds from the sale of bitcoin


For those who don’t know it yet, Bitcoin and the other hundreds of new cryptocurrencies are the symbol and the product of a new era, characterized by the decentralization of financial system that have basically dominated the global economic system. These are decentralized digital currencies, independent and without intermediaries, which are not issued by any government or by a central bank, as is the case with traditional currencies.



Why use a reloadable prepaid card with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?


Hence, we can easily see an analogy between cryptocurrencies and the prepaid card system since, in both cases, these are two useful products for:

  • Transfer money to anywhere on the world;
  • The account of both represents the real monetary value you own and not a promise of payment on sight, as instead happens with coins or cards linked to a bank account (credit/debit card).
  • Furthermore these prepaid cards, in the same way as cryptocurrencies, allow secure purchases and payments on any online platform.

This is why the mean most widely used by crypto lovers, for the purchase and sale of crypto, is definitely the use of a prepaid card reloadable with funds from the sale of bitcoin.

Also, this type of card allows users to deposit, withdraw and pay with legal tender money (e.g. euro) in all stores.

Finally, if you want to use a safe, decentralized and free of any financial agent method… but above all, if you want to buy and exchange your cryptocurrencies in fiat money, do not hesitate to try one of the prepaid card reloadable with cryptocurrencies, available in the major platforms specialized in cryptocurrencies trade.


Now you can secure your savings from bank account erosion, without having to renounce potential economic returns.

If you don’t know, Bitnovo offers its crypto lovers the perfect card to carry out all the operations and cryptocurrency payments you need, in just a few steps, quickly and in total security.


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