Ontology tokens available on Bitsa

A great leap forward! An important newness. Ontology tokens available on Bitsa! And what does it implies? That from now, we offer 15 different blockchain tokens admitted as top-up method for the Bitsa prepaid card.

That’s it! 15 blockchain tokens! The last ones in landing at Bitsa community are the Ontology tokens. ONT and ONG (Ontology Gas) are now eligible for users to top-up their Bitsa Cards. Ontology is a high-tech company recognized for its efforts in business innovation using blockchain technology.

People with this blockchain tokens can make safe and seamless payments with Bitsa, transfers, cash withdrawals and so on. This entails that ONT and ONG tokens can be used day-to-day for any need (digital or in-store) because Bitsa card is accepted everywhere Visa is.

“We share wirh Bitsa the ambition to pursue innovation in the digital assets space. Finding a common ground.”

Andy Ji, Ontology Co-founder

“We are delighted to onboard Ontology and their blockchain solutions and are already exploring new opportunities.”

Luis Vaello, Bitsa COO


How to top-up Bitsa with ONT and ONG

Step 1: Once you have Bitsa app, select the top-up option.

Step 2: Choose “cryptocurrency” among the several top-up methods available.

Step 3: Choose ONT or ONG from the list of cryptos that Bitsa admits.

Step 4: Enter the amount you want to convert from your Ontology funds to euros. Once the reload is confirmed, you will have your money in your Bitsa account.

Safe, easy and really fast! What are you waiting for??