Move freely with Bitsa Move Plan


The universe of prepaid cards is very wide and it can be difficult to find a product or service that fits in what we need. Bitsa Card continues to bet on being the financial freedom for users who don’t want ties, or banks in between. So if this is what you are looking for, gain freedom with the Move plan of Bitsa prepaid Card. How? Keep reading!


Among the available different Bitsa plans, the Move Plan was born for users who are somewhat more active in financial terms. In other words, if compared to Bitsa Free Plan, the Move Plan would fit those who seek greater benefits in their day-to-day activities but who also do not make an excessive use of their funds: neither in terms of number of transactions, nor in terms of amounts transfered.


The Bitsa Move users, seek greater mobility in their economies. For this reason, it’s a halfway plan between the two other plans because allows you to move beyond the advantages that the Free plan offers, without reaching the exclusivity that Pro users enjoy.


Following this line, the user who suscribes to the Bitsa Move Plan has up to two daily withdrawals of cash at ATMs, maximum 500€.


When reloading the Bitsa prepaid card, the limit per month will be 5,000€ . This amount is the same allowed for purchases.


The Bitsa Card with the Move plan can have a maximum balance of 15,000€. And also it allows sending transfers up to 1,200€ per day.


The Move Plan of Bitsa prepaid Card


Daily withdrawals, transfers, higher balances … This is a really convenient plan for users who make a constant use of their prepaid card on a day-to-day basis and, therefore, require broader benefits than the basic plan. In addition, this users don’t make as many operations with their money as Pro plan users


The Move plan has a monthly fee of 0.99€. However, if you pay the annual fee subscription you will save a few euros.


And yes! You are 100% free to cancel your subscription or even to go up one level more: The Pro plan.


Start to move freely with the Move plan and enjoy with the most personalized financial alternative.