Merry Bitzer Xmas!


Start the revolution and leave behind your childhood!

Omg! It’s Xmas! And despite we love to get some presents: a video game, new trendy clothes, etc. It is time to welcoming order type of gifts. 

Who says Mon€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€y?!!








Now it’s when someone bored guy says: “but money can’t bring happines!”



Ooook boomer! 




But we want right now is freedom. The freedom of being young (not children!) and this starts controlling our own money. My allowance, my Christmas bonus or the money I earned in my first work, it’s my money!

I don’t know what I’m going to do with all these dough… what I clearly know is that I don’t want more cash. Like a young adult that I am, I use my own card but without the dead boring banks, the commissions and other stuffs like that.



Sounds impossible? No! Sounds perfect. In fact, it’s REAL!

Bitsa Young Card is a perfect prepaid card if  you’re between 14 and 17 years old. So, you no longer have to wait at 18 to give yourself a treat! 

How about a video game? How about a digital subscription? Clothing, random things and big bargains on Internet? Enjoy your favorite digital content thanks to your own money, but wirh a card that you can use online

Need you pay sth or share share expenses with your buddies? Transfer money instantly between “Bitzer” from the same Bitsa App.


Bitsa isn’t “another product for teens”, it’s a way of life! The freedom of being Bitzer!

It’s not too late, join the Bitzer family! A centennial generation who feels young, digital and empowered. With Z from Bitzer

Merry Z-mas and take a look on this 10 steps for waiting properly your Christmas bonus

And if you’re actually The Grinch on these dates, play yourself testing this funny cat-face filter with your pets, while your family drink and drunk all day all night cause the Xmas pretext.