Jobs of the future – The professions with more career opportunities

What are the jobs of the future that will change our lives?

Are you in that moment where you have to make the jump and you have to choose the university path that will mark the rest of your life? Would you like to know if the studies you have just completed will guarantee you good job prospects in the future? Or are you just at the beginning of your professional career, and you have thousands of doubts, due to the continuous changes that the labor market undergoes, that make you hesitate and make it difficult to choose where to orient your professional career? Are you constantly asking yourself what are the jobs of the future that will change our lives? Keep calm !! In this post we want to guide those who have just left high school and are faced with the on finding a major, as well as those who have just finished their studies and must begin the search for the job of their dreams.

That’s why we’ll show you today those that could be the work of the future and with greater professional outlets in the coming years. Get a pen and paper!


Future work and technological revolution

A few decades ago, many science fiction books and films talked a lot about new technologies and how the world would be the actor of a real technological revolution and a radical change around 2020.  The technological revolution that we then saw as pure science fiction and as a distant era, today represents our present. The future is already here! If Generation X (that of the baby boom)  was in search of stability and showed an interest in the acquisition of goods, what Millennials (the next generation) are looking for is ‘experience’, which is not necessarily linked to consumer goods. Nowadays more and more people use private transport apps like Uber and more and more people prefer to rent a property to live there rather than buy one of their own. That’s why we are seeing the success of innovative companies that do nothing but adapt to market demand. And it is on the basis of this analysis of market demand, which goes hand in hand with scientific innovation and technology, that it is possible to predict the jobs of the future, or the professions that will probably be in greater demand in the coming years. So if you’re still not clear on your career path, don’t worry. Today we will try to clarify your ideas by showing you what are now considered the work of the future.

The 5 jobs of the future with more career opportunities

A report by Mckinsey & Co assured that by 2030, over 800 million workers could be replaced by robots.  Robots will not only end many jobs, but will also create new roles. These are some of the ‘most requested AI and robotics related professions that could emerge in the next 10 years’, according to a report by the professional services company Cognizant.

1. Data detective

In a world where billions of new data are generated every day, so difficult to process and manage, there will be many positions that this new science will develop. According to the consultant,  one of these professions will be the Data Detective.  According to the fake job advertisement published by Cognizant, the ideal detective date is a series enthusiast like CSI or Sherlock, who likes to find clues, exclude suspects and solve cases. The Data Detective must be a creative person, that helps to investigate the mystery of Big Data and to find out what they say and which secrets contain this data. In short, a Big Data Sherlock.

2. Ethical Sourcing Officer

One of the big spontaneous questions about artificial intelligence is how this kind of technology can address the ethical dilemmas that are obvious to a human being.  In a world saturated with technology, the head of ethical procurement will have the task of ensuring that the ethical priorities and commitments of a large company are effectively put into practice.

3. Walker/Talker

In this era of technology, artificial intelligence and automation are doing more work and people are living longer. Consequently, there is an urgent need to find a profile able to walk and converse with the elderly to keep them company through software and an App. The Walker/Talker will be the professional figure capable of working for the elderly using new technologies… and from the comfort of his home.

4. Financial Wellness Coach

With the explosion of digital banking, Bitcoin payments and micro-loans/robo-consulting,  when it comes to increasingly digital financial transactions, many banking clients do not spend time fully understanding commission structures and optimal approaches to financial management. In these cases the flight of money is omnipresent. For this reason the figure of the Financial wellness Coach, that is the professional who has the task of understanding the optimal approaches to financial management to take care of the finances of its clients.

5. Digital tailor

Today the world of e-commerce is gaining more and more ground and, following the lockdown imposed by the governments of all the nations affected by the Covid19 pandemic, the tendency to use online commerce has recorded a strong surge.

As Cognizant says, 40% of online clothing orders are returned due to imperfect size and fit. 

That’s why talented tailors, seamstresses and fashion designers are sought to work with customers in their homes, to perfect the fit and finish of merchandise ordered via e-commerce..

The person in this role will work with customers to ensure that clothing items ordered online fit perfectly to each person at the time of delivery.

These are only 5 of the 21 works illustrated by Cognizant in his report on the work of the future.

As we have seen, automation of work, thanks to robotics and artificial intelligence, is allowing many of the most ordinary and mechanical activities to be developed by machines.

That is why 75% of the professions of the future do not yet exist or they will take a while to arrive.

However, if you love technology, in front of you you will find a range of possibilities never seen before.

The future is already here. Are you ready to be a part of it?