Is it possible to make payments by WhatsApp?

Mark Zuckerberg’s firm has altered the markets after announcing that it would be possible to make payments directly through WhatsApp, but this has not yet been reflected on the platform.


2020 was the year chosen by the telecommunications giant to launch its latest innovation in payments: Whatsapp Payments. This would allow to send money in a simple way, just like we send a photo or a video.


Companies like Bizum were preparing to receive a new competitor, threatening and willing to take over a large part of the micropayment market, but everything seems to have been put on hold due to the current Coronavirus or COVID19 pandemic.


Although we will have to wait to see WhatsApp entering the Spanish market, we will tell you how it works and what its disadvantages are.


How do WhatsApp payments work?


The operation is as simple as sending a photo.
1- We open a chat with the person to whom we want to send money.
2- We go to the Clip icon that we use to attach files.
3- Select the “Payments” tab.
4- We choose the amount to send.
5- We click to send.


What are the disadvantages of WhatsApp payments?


You can only make payments between individuals within the country, without the possibility of making international transactions. On the other hand, it has been confirmed that they will follow in the footsteps of Bizum, launching the service together with several banking entities.



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