How to make money from home doing arbitrage?

Usually I do not like to talk about figures but if you spend at least 10 hours a week doing arbitration, surely you will no longer have to worry about how to earn money from home in Spain since you can get at least between 300 and 500 extra euros each month.


The results are subjective but I have all my faith in you and in your desire to progress so I am going to tell you what this arbitration is about. You will not be the first to know it, but you may be the best to apply it.


What is arbitration?


Arbitrage is about buying something cheap on one site and selling it higher on the other. Yes, it is true that this has been around for many years but the internet has made it much easier for you to run.


Imagine that you have entered Amazon and have found that one of the best reflex cameras of 2020 is on sale at a price well below normal (eg 2300 euros). You automatically decide to put it up for sale on Ebay at an average price for that camera (eg 2600 euros) and you get a customer to buy it.


In a short time you have obtained 300 euros and now all you have to do is actually buy the camera on Amazon and send it to your Ebay customer.


It sounds easy but it requires effort as you need to find the right product in order to make a significant difference. Another option is to arbitrate many products with a smaller difference, but that depends on the strategy you want to follow.


Some tips


– It would be better if you could create your own website since that way you can sell directly from there and you can save on the commissions charged by e-commerce platforms.
– You can also venture into “retail arbitrage”, which consists of crossing the border between online and offline. Eg buying cheap in an Amazon store and selling it in your own physical store at a higher price.
– Avoid having to deal with banks and commissions to make your purchases by downloading the Bitsa App and requesting your free virtual card without a bank account.