How to earn extra money from home

Whether you are going through a difficult work situation or just want to discover how to earn extra money from home to complement your current job, this guide is for you.


Although there are countless ways to earn money from home, today we are going to review all those ways to do it through the internet (either with your phone or with your laptop).


How to earn extra money from home


  1. Use affiliate programs

You just have to sign up for the affiliate program of Amazon or another e-commerce company and share links with your friends. For example, if you share a new product on your Facebook wall and your friends click and buy it, you will get a percentage of it.


2. Create a course of whatever

There are platforms like Udemy that allow you to create an online course and every time that course is purchased, you will receive money in return. It can be a course on how to make a chair, how to make necklaces or whatever comes to mind.


3. Translate texts to another language

Do you know a language beyond English? Take advantage and sign up on platforms like Fiverr where you can find requests from clients looking for translators from Spanish to English, from Polish to Spanish and many others.


4. Charge for your photos

For this, you don’t have to be a first-rate photographer or have one of the best reflex cameras of 2020, since platforms like Foap offer the freedom that you can upload your content even if you do it from your smartphone. Every time someone downloads your photo, you will receive that extra money that you are looking for.


5. Virtual Assistant

If you have performed administrative tasks or are simply very good at organizing, you can earn extra money as a virtual assistant. Currently you can find job offers for this profession on portals such as Infojobs, Milanuncios and many more.


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