How to change Bitcoin to Euros?

If you are reading this, I’m assuming that you are either someone who is already familiar with the crypto ecosystem or about to become one. No matter how long a person has been involved with cryptocurrencies, the question of how to change bitcoin to euros must be answered without a doubt right away.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, it is not uncommon to encounter people who would become irritated or even hurt if someone revealed that they were considering swapping any of their cryptos for fiat currency. But let’s face it, sometimes we need fiat money, therefore understanding how to get it is essential.

I will provide a thorough explanation of how to swap bitcoin for euros in this article. So if you find this interesting, let’s get started.


Bitcoin to Euros

Nowadays, it is quite easy to exchange your bitcoin for euros. As BTC holders we have many ways to convert them into FIAT money. One simple and quick way to make this transaction is through Bitnovo. Just by getting an account there, among many more features, you will have two things:

  • A crypto wallet
  • A link to your bank account

Ergo, after getting an account there, and making just a few clicks, you will be able to:

  • Keep your BTC in your custody
  • Send funds directly from your bank account
  • Exchange your BTC, and other currencies, for euros or vice versa

Seems far too simple to be true?

Thanks to the tireless efforts of crypto builders, you can instantly trade BTC for euros from your phone or computer.
There are alternative approaches, though.


How to change bitcoin to Euros?


How to change bitcoin to cash with Bitsa?

Let’s imagine this situation. You are on the street, you need cash to pay for some street food, and you don’t have any euros with you. How can Bitsa give you a hand? The truth is that it can help you in a very straightforward way.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Open your Bitsa App and press “recharge”
  • Select “Crypto” and the amount of euros you need
  • Choose the cryptocurrency you want to exchange
  • Get the transaction details
  • Make the transaction from your cryptocurrency wallet
  • Wait for confirmation
  • Find the nearest ATM and withdraw the amount of euros you need

And that’s it! Again, a few years ago these easy-to-follow steps would not have been so simple, but today we are lucky enough to be able to convert BTC into euros in a matter of minutes.

Why change bitcoin to Euros?

“Cash is king” is a saying that should be familiar to everyone who has spent any time in the markets, both traditional as well as cryptocurrency markets. That is without a doubt a fact that has been disclosed for a long. But cryptocurrencies, which emerged after bitcoin, are here to challenge that statement in a wide range of contexts.

However, we as supporters of cryptocurrencies must accept the fact that, given the current state of development, there are occasions when we need FIAT money as the only option to get through a situation. In short, there are a lot of cases that we can encounter, where our cryptos won’t be useful.

Knowing how to convert our cryptocurrency to euros is knowledge that we might carry on with us while we fight for broad adoption by disseminating the advantages of this astounding tool that crypto is today.

Nonetheless, the battle has already begun, and in the section that follows, I’ll explain how Bitsa is minimizing the occasions when we’re compelled to cash out our cryptocurrency.


Shaping the future, with Bitsa

As you may already hear, Bitsa enables you to load cryptocurrencies onto your prepaid card. Then, you can then use it to make daily buys. I’m aware that I’m not saying anything really novel here. But I attempted to make it clear that Bitsa is getting involved in the fight for widespread adoption.

Imagine not needing any further cash if you could make any single transaction by paying with a card. In an effort to prevent tax fraud, governments tried for a while to discourage cash payments. Therefore, it’s not hard to picture a time where cash is not necessary, and Bitsa is shaping that future.

Nevertheless, if you still need cash, you can find the nearest ATM and use your Bitsa card, even the virtual version, to withdraw a few euros.

But, how can we exchange bitcoin for euros on Bitsa?

The process to exchange bitcoin for euros with Bitsa is so straightforward, that you already know it. You just have to follow the first steps that we read in the first section and, of course, you don’t need to do the last one.

Although, to dissipate every possible doubt, let refresh the steps that you should follow:

  • First, download Bitsa App from your mobile store
  • Open it and press receive
  • Select “Crypto” and the amount of euros you need
  • Choose bitcoin
  • Get the transaction details
  • Make the transaction from your bitcoin wallet
  • Wait for confirmation

After a few minutes, you have converted your BTC into euros.




Final words

As I said at the opening, it’s always wise to be aware of how to exit any situation before getting in. Therefore, understanding how to convert our cryptos into FIAT money is crucial in the crypto ecosystem.

The unstoppable growth this market has had since its inception has been fantastic for its users. To give an example, there are now many possibilities for converting our bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, to euros.

Additionally, today any cryptocurrency user can directly spend their cryptocurrency through their Bitsa card. We are lucky to have a plethora of options at our disposal; all we need to do is fully understand them and embrace them.