Bitsa Free Plan for the most basic needs


Different types of users require different and personalized services. And when it comes to controlling our money and making all kinds of transactions, customization needs are on the rise. That is why we recently launched Bitsa plans . If you have chosen to stay on the Free plan of Bitsa prepaid card, read on to discover all the details.


As its name suggests, the Free plan means not having to pay a monthly or annual fee for being part of the Bitsa family.


Students, freelancers, users who use the Bitsa card to make exclusively online purchases, gamers … Among the unexpected uses of prepaid cards, highlights the use of those users who use the card for basic day-to-day operations like to pay in physical stores, buying online and even transfer money between friends.


For these types of users, this plan perfectly suits their needs. Even if they need cash, Bitsa Free plan includes 1 daily withdrawal at ATMs of maximum 350€.


As for reloads, the Free plan user can top-up the Bitsa prepaid card with up to  500.00€ in the same day, maximum.


To meet the most basic day-to-day needs, this Bitsa plan perfectly fulfills its mission. Even allows purchases up to 1,500€.


The Free Plan of Bitsa prepaid card


This is a Free account, where the only extra cost is in the sending transfer service. These types of transactions contain a small fee of 1%. However, there are more options for transferring money.


How to transfer money to another user in Bitsa?


You have to click on the card in the main screen and then on the sending button.

  1. Send to a Bitsa contact: if you have the number of the other user saved in your phone book you can send it directly and he will receive it on his main card.
  2. Send to another Bitsa: if you have the identifier of the card of the user you want to send the money you must choose this option.


As you can see, the Free plan continues with the Bitsa essence: the freedom you are looking for, without the need of banks, with just one click. Simply that now, the financial alternative is better suited to each Bitzer.


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You won’t be afraid of unforeseen events if you get access to the maximum benefits of a prepaid card like Bitsa.

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