FinTech Unconference 2019

Bitsa among the startups of the FinTech Unconference 2019

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On May 23rd, Bitsa will be one of the 344 startups that will participate in the FinTech Unconference 2019 in Madrid.

It is one of the 6 Unconference held in Spain and, since its first edition in 2016, annually brings together more than 1,200 CEOs from the most innovative companies in Spain in the FinTech, InsurTech, PropTech, RegTech, WealthTech and LegalTech sectors.

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The aim of the Unconference has been, from the beginning, to strengthen the FinTech ecosystem in Spain, building synergies and fostering collaborations between companies in the sector.


One of the most interesting features of the FinTech Unconference is that it is the first tokenized event in the world, since participants will be paid in tokens (UNCONFs) created on the Ethereum blockchain that can be sold, exchanged for tickets to other Unconferences and used to obtain other exclusive benefits.

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During this 4th edition of the Fintech Unconference, organized by Rodrigo García de la Cruz (CEO of Finnovating), Jesús Pérez (Director of FinTech Plaza) and Pedro García-Barrios (Head of Unconference), the participants will receive the ‘Finnovating Fintech Awards 2019’ divided into five categories:

  • FINTECH AWARD Best Innovation
  • FINTECH AWARD Greater social impact
  • FINTECH AWARD Woman Entrepreneur
  • FINTECH AWARD Best execution of the business model
  • FINTECH AWARD Most voted by the public

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We are very proud to be part of this exclusive event, together with other major companies in the sector, such as Bitnovo, and we hope to contribute, through our model, to help in the growth and development of the Fintech sector in Spain.

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If you want to know more about the program and all the news related to this event, here we leave you the Agenda of the FinTech Unconference 2019.

And do not forget to follow us on our social networks to be aware of the most interesting updates.

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