Fast credit without payroll

Have you ever thought about applying for a bank loan, but there are barriers like lack of income or lack of credit history? Don’t worry, because there is an option that we will tell you next.

Let us remember that a credit is a certain amount of money to which we have access, thanks to the fact that a banking institution lends it to us for a certain time. However, we must comply with the payment on the indicated dates.

Many people often apply for credits to meet certain payments that they can’t instantly cover. And one of the most common mistakes you can experience is the little knowledge of interest to pay. Sometimes, these are too high and we get to pay more than we use. But you know What does it mean to reunify debts? 

But a credit is not all bad; As we already mentioned, it allows us to have a certain amount of money, which gives us the opportunity to acquire goods or services that we want or need, on the condition that we pay for it later. A good credit management will give us an excellent credit history, which will make the banks give us more and more benefits, emphasizing their trust in us.

One of the most common barriers when applying for a loan (almost always being young) is the lack of this credit history.

Do you know what is credit history, how it is generated and what happens if you don’t have it?

Well, the credit history is, in short, a set of data that monitors the loans that a person has requested, and their correct fulfillment of debts. This is generated through the hiring of some services that guarantee your monthly compliance. These can be, telephone service, electricity, or even a department store card.

This information is used by banking institutions in order to base their trust on facts that guarantee your ability to pay a credit or loan. When a person does not have a favorable credit history, or a monthly income to support it, applying for a loan can be really complicated.

It is logical to think “how will I generate credit history without anyone authorizing it?” Therefore, before mentioning the fast credit options, I will give you some tips to start your credit history:

  1. Open a bank account: When the banking institution registers that you are having income and expenses, they will be able to trust you a little more and, at some point, they will offer you a loan.
  2. Cellular plan in your name: Timely payment of this service will help you with your credit history. But it is very important that it is in your name, otherwise it will generate history to whoever is responsible for the payment.
  3. Department store card: These cards can only be used in the indicated stores and provide several benefits. It is very common not to ask for credit history to open it.

As personal advice, it is very important that you know your responsibility before making any of the decisions because otherwise your credit history will be bad and, in the long run, you will not get any credit or loan.

In the event that none of the above options are attractive to you and the request for a loan is urgent and necessary, there are banking institutions that offer fast loans without payroll. These credits have a specific financing amount, this is established by the banking institution based on your history as a client. In addition, they will specify a specific date to pay it.

In the same way, these are the recommendations that I can give you in case you are going to request a quick credit:

  • Try to return the money as quickly as possiblee.
  • Always respect the payments and do not delay; this will generate penalties.
  • There are some loans focused on certain products. For example, to cars or houses. Therefore, evaluate well what that credit will go to.
  • Assess your borrowing capacity. That is, don’t acquire debts that affect your lifestyle.


I hope all this information will help you make a much more informed decision!