5 cheap European cities to travel


I write this article from the idyllic beaches of Tahiti in French Polynesia. Actually, that’s what I’d like to say one day, but for now I’m content to find cheap destinations where I can enjoy my vacation and return home without saying “I’m broke.” So, if you have plans to visit the old continent at a very low cost, follow me in this review of 5 cheap cities in Europe to travel.


Skopje – Macedonia:
The capital of this country is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe and you can visit it for less than 20 euros a day if you are willing to share a room in a hostel or deprive yourself of eating in expensive restaurants. A very beautiful city perfect to combine on a tour of the Balkans.


Budapest – Hungría:
A great European capital with museums, churches, architecture and a lot of history. Be sure to visit the Museum of Fine Arts or Andrássy Út Avenue and if you want to save on food I recommend visiting the Central Market where you can eat surrounded by the most authentic Hungarians.


Belgrado – Serbia:
This is another of the cheapest destinations in Europe, mainly because its main attractions do not have paid access, since they are public and free areas, and you should not spend too much on transport because all the places are found within walking distance. We recommend the Nikola Tesla Museum and the Temple of Saint Sava.


Bucarest – Rumania:

The capital of this incredible country, victim of countless bombardments during the world wars, is another of the cheapest destinations in Europe. There you can explore the picturesque historic center, lose yourself in the gardens of Herăstrău Park, be impressed by the huge parliament or travel in just a few hours to the legendary Transylvania.


Sofía – Bulgaria:
One of the capitals with the largest number of cultural and sporting events in all of Europe, where you can eat for just 2 euros at any local restaurant. After filling your belly, don’t forget to visit the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Boyana Church or the National History Museum.


Now that you have learned where to spend less, we also want to leave you with a tip that only travelers with an IQ of more than 130 usually take into account and that the rest of us need to be reminded of: prepaid cards.

Before you travel don’t forget to request a prepaid Bitsa card. This is a prepaid Visa card that will allow you to avoid hundreds of unnecessary commissions, manage comfortably between different types of currencies and manage your expenses in a very simple way.