Bitsa Studies Crypto Card Usage in Europe

Bitsa, a European crypto card service provider, has researched various aspects of crypto card transactions in the European region. 


The company aimed to understand certain factors behind the crypto card usage in Europe, such as:

  • The most common payment methods
  • Benefits of using crypto cards as a payment method
  • Motivations for using crypto cards as a payment method
  • Most common uses of crypto cards 


The research revealed that 40% of European consumers prefer to use regular credit or debit cards as their primary payment method, 21% use bank transfers, and 18% use crypto cards as their payment method.


 This first point indicates that regular credit and debit cards are still dominant, but alternative payment methods, such as crypto cards, are gaining popularity. 


The research also revealed that most European users, 28%, consider security as the main benefit of using crypto cards, 23% think speed as the best benefit, and 17% consider privacy. 


The report showed that 30% of European users prefer to pay with crypto cards because they think it is an easy way to make purchases or payments, while 26% said they choose to pay with crypto cards to avoid carrying cash. 


The research indicated that most European users use crypto cards for online payments, 41% of the users and 35% of the users use crypto cards for daily purchases, and 12% for special occasions like buying a ticket for travel.


 Bitsa concluded from its research that most European users think that security is the best benefit of using crypto cards and that the main reason for their usage in Europe is because people believe that it’s a fast and easy payment method and that most of the European people use crypto cards as a preferable method for online purchases.