Bitsa prepaid multi-cards


Have you ever wished you could separate your expenses and transactions and thus avoid having everything mixed in the same account? Now you can do it without wasting time because the Bitsa prepaid multi-cards arrive.

Bitsa’s multi-card feature is the fastest, easiest, and flexible way to control your expenses.


Bitsa prepaid multi-cards with independent balances


Just open the Bitsa app and request your new cards. The price of each card will depend on your Bitsa plan.

Now you can have up to 4 physical cards and 4 virtual cards!

Each of them with an independent balance to the others, so you can assign a specific use to better control your money.


There are many unexpected ways to use prepaid cards, but now you can use your Bitsa cards for many different things.

A card for your children, to share expenses with your partner, another card for online purchases, one exclusively for the funds obtained from the cryptocurrency exchange to euros, a card to put money aside, another to travel, etc.

Several cards = endless possibilities!